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Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews

Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews
wBW Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews and Information

Welcome to the wBW Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews index! This page includes a listing of our motorcycle chain lube reviews and related information. Reviews are listed from most recent to oldest.

wBW Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews

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Motorcycle Chain Lube Comparison Reviews

Tirox Synthetic Chain Wax Review After 10 years, is this the long-awaited replacement for DuPont Multi-Use Dry, Wax Chain Lube? It looks the same, smells the same and works...even better!
More Motorcycle Chain Lubes Reviewed includes Blaster Lubricant; Elmer's Slide All; Liquid Wrench Chain Lube Spray; Liquid Wrench Chain Lube Liquid; MPT Twelve; Spectro SX Chain Wax; Spectro Z-Clean Chain Lube and a few Soy Based Lubricants.
2010 Chain Lube Comparison of Go Chain Wax; Kal-Gard Clear Chain Kote; Kal-Gard Moly Chain Kote; Kleen Chain Synthetic Chain Lube; Original Bike Spirits Chain Lube and Royal Purple Max-Chain compared to DuPont Teflon Chain Lube.
2008 Chain Lube Comparison compares Klotz KLR (2008 favorite) to 7 other chain lubes. Also included are non-Motorcycle Chain Lubricants: TS-801 Dry Film Moly; TS-804 Chain Lube Moly; Motorex Grease; Maxima Grease and Torque Tight Torque Grease.

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DuPont Chain Saver 3.5 oz. Travel Size Review (May 2014). The newest DuPont (Finish Line) formulation now in a handy 3.5 ounce travel size. webBikeWorld readers asked for this and it's here!

Current Favorite wBW Motorcycle Chain Lube

Liquid Performance Chain Lube Review (2011 Favorite). Relatively inexpensive, comes in a big 13 oz. (368.5 grams) can; easy to apply with little waste or overspray. The liquid spray coats the chain links and gets down in between the side plates, but then it quickly dries into a sort of dry waxy coating that can be felt but doesn't attract dirt. Highly recommended and the current chain lube to beat.

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