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Zero Motorcycles: Say Hello To The 2022 Zero FXE

a front-side view of the Zero FXE being tested out by a rider

With countries like America and Canada promising net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, it’s no wonder that more and more motorcycle companies are getting on the energy-efficient bandwagon.

Torque remains a huge priority, and the main problem to solve has been power management in an engine that faces more and more limitations.

a back-side view of the new Zero FXE

While the battle for power continues for fossil fuel beauties, there’s the other side of the table – electric vehicles or EVs. 

Huge strides have been made in the EV industry for bikes that satisfy a consumer’s desire to zip about the town without having to worry about recharging on the hour. 

A view of the handlebars of the new Zero FXE

Lately, the EV industry has pulled some pretty big bunnies out of their hat, namely Harley Davidson’s LiveWire One, the Arc Vector, and a bike called the SR/F, made by Zero Motorcycles here in America. 

Zero Motorcycles, in particular, has been raging ahead to cover all niches for the energy-conscious consumer – and they’ve just come out with a new beauty of a bike called the Zero FXE. 

a side profile of the new Zero FXE

Purported by GizMoto as being blessed by San Francisco’s own designers at HUGE Design, the FXE gives off similar vibes to the Ducati Hypermotard and Husquavarna’s Vitpilen 401 – and the specs aren’t too bad either. 

The Zero FXE houses a 7.2 kWh Li-ion battery that the company has boasted can last up to 100 town-based miles on a single charge.

a front side view of the Zero FXE

There is nothing out of the ordinary there, seeing as Zero Motorcycles’ FX sports the same range on the 2-battery function (though the FX’s alternative 3.6 kWh battery model state cuts the range nearly in half, proclaiming the FXE winner for distance on a single charge). 

The FXE also has a 75-5 air-cooled, brushless electric motor capable of punching out a nippy 46 ponies, with a surprising 78 ft/lbs of torque. 

A side profile of the new Zero FXE

The Zero FXE will sell for an extraordinarily reasonable price of $11,795, with preorders having begun yesterday. 

Want to see the bike in person? Stop by the Sonoma Raceway in California on July 16 for the 20-stop tour Zero has planned in Partnership with the Progressive International Motorcycle Show Outdoors (PIMSO). 

Save your pennies, and let us know what you think!