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Zero Motorcycles Reveals Exclusive Quickstrike Package For SR/F 

A view of the front of the Zero SR/F, complete with the all-new Quickstrike Package installed.

Limited Edition, unlimited precision. 

When Zero Motorcycles first released their SR/F Model, the bike community went a little mad. 

A side view of the Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle

Sure, the electric motorcycle had a wee bit to be improved upon when compared to its fossil fuel siblings, but man – it felt good to cheer on a bike that was breaking records in the industry and pioneering the way for future electric beasties. 

And now, as of a few hours ago, Zero Motorcycles has released an exclusive run of race-inspired components for the SR/F, in the form of an all-new Zero Quickstrike Package.

A view of the Zero SR/F, complete with the all-new Quickstrike Package installed.

Inspired by the company’s factory build created for the 2019 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the packages will include a very nice, streamlined carbon fiber front and rear fender.

A view of the front fender, in carbon fibre, as per the new Zero Motorcycles Quickstrike package

The unit will also, according to BusinessWire, pack on a black aluminum fly screen, custom mirrors, anodized bar ends and lever guards, a set of smoked LED turn indicators for the front and rear, a set of rear stand spools, a tidy exclusive Quickstrike tank badge, and a Quickstrike lapel pin. 

A view of the handle guards and levers available with the Zero Motorcycles Quickstrike Package

“When Zero launched the transformational SR/F, the entire market shifted,” says Zero Motorcycles Marketing VP, Chris Metcalfe.

A view of the smoked LED taillights available on the Zero SR/F with the limited edition Quickstrike Package

“The significance of a single motorcycle all of a sudden validating an entire category of Powersports is unheard of, so we wanted to make a custom package that was just as special as the bikes it was made for.”

A view of the exclusive badge available on all parts connected to Zero Motorcycles' Quickstrike Package

With each package being signed and numbered for certification and only 100 units being made available, it’s obvious that Zero Motorcycles wants emphasis on the rarity of the package – though you can cheat a bit and get a few of the unit’s items on the Zero Motorcycles Parts and Accessories catalog.

A side view of the Zero SR/F with the installation of the Quickstike Package available from Zero Motorcycles

Eager to get your hands on a unit?

Zero Quickstrike Packages are currently going for $999 USD, and are available to order from Zero Motorcycles Dealers worldwide.

A view of the all-new Quickstrike package available from Zero Motorcycles

Let us know if you get your paws on one of these bundles, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.