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Zero electric motorcycles coming

Zero electric motorcycle prices
Zero SR

Electric motorcycles have just taken a step closer to reality in Australia with a new importer for Californian Zero electric motorcycles.

While BMW will not import its C-Evolution electric scooter because they don’t believe it’s a good fit for the country, the Australia importers of MV Agusta have just been appointed as the national distributor for Zero.

Sales manager Kevin Beale says the first shipment of Zero electric motorcycles is in production now and will arrive in March. “The top-of-the-range model, the SR ZF11.4, has 144Nm of torque, so we’re looking forward to some excitement,” he says. “We will of course be continuing as the distributor for MV Agusta as well but had to form a new company for Zero.”

Zero SR
Zero SR

The new company is Cento Per Cento which means “100%”, trading as Zero Motorcycles Australia. Director James Deutsher says Zero represents “the next curve in technology and extreme performance delivered via a unique riding experience and low cost of ownership, coupled with social awareness”.

Initial shipments of the 2014 Zero electric motorcycles range including the SR, DS, and FX models will arrive in March. They feature a new Z-Force Power Tank accessory, allowing riders to travel up to 276km in the city or 141km on the highway.

The new flagship Zero SR accelerates to 100km/h in 3.3 seconds with 144Nm of torque and an instant 50Kw of power “on hand to the rider at all times”. It may be a fast revolution but it will be a quiet one with near-silent electric engines and belt drive, plus there is no need to change gears.

ZeroZero electric motorcycles has also improved the suspension with 43mm front forks, wider triple clamps and a reworked rear shock. They get a new dash with a high contrast blue backlit LCD screen that indicates rider mode – eco, sport or the new custom mode – which are selectable via a new right hand switch gear. The new bikes also feature an aerodynamic chin fairing that funnels air into the powertrain to provide additional air-cooling.

The swing to electric bikes this year will also be aided by British sportscar manufacturer Caterham which plans to produce two electric bikes.

  1. Unfortunately, my money says that the Australian distribution will place an RRP on the bikes that’s double what it could be obtained for in California. That coupled with the rarity of public fast charge points in Australia means that it’s going to be a very hard sell.

    If they DO wind up being highly competitive on price, however, I’d be one of the first to order the 2014 Zero DS 11.4kWH model even having to wear the inconvenience of being able to charge only where I can reach a socket.

  2. Hi Mark! Thanks for sharing. Would you know how long the charge time is for this bike? I guess that is one of the drawbacks of e bikes, and all other e vehicles at that matter. People are a bit hesitant to switch to electric as they may loose power in the middle of the road and will have to wait long to get moving again.

    1. Hi Walter,
      As it says on their website, charging depends on the power pack (battery) capacity, state of charge (remaining power) and charging method (standard, Level 2, quick chargers). Typical charge times can range anywhere from a couple hours to overnight.
      It charges quicker on 240V here in Australia than it does in the US.

  3. When this bike is available in India ? I want this bike can u tell me how much cost for this bike in Indian rupees?

  4. Electric vehicle tech is really exciting to watch, but there are still too many limitations. There needs to be a quantum leap in battery technology where you’ll be able to get 200+ miles on a charge on a bike like this and it will only take something like 10 minutes max to fully recharge. I believe that once they get there, Zero DS 11.4kWH will take over a significant portion of the market.

  5. Thank you Roberto for this great post.
    I embrace this technology, unfortunately until the big manufactures get on board the price is not good.
    I’ve been riding bikes for 30 years, if they want to sell the electric motorcycle ownership deal they need to bring the price down.

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