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World female riding record bid launched

babe Raid world record
2014 Babe Raid world record

Australian women want their world riding record back from the Poms and they have already set a date next year for the record attempt.

Debb Dagger, organisers of the Babe Raids which set the record for female riders in 2014 at Ballina has created a special 2WheelBabes Facebook page to launch the event in Dubbo on April 9 at noon.

The 2014 Babe Raid set the mark when 284 women rode to the coastal NSW town of Ballina. Record Setter officially declared the title at 221 women on 190 bikes.

However, 618 women rode to the famous Ace Cafe in London this month to set the world record for the largest female bike gathering and break the Aussie world tally with 251 women riding 251 bikes in a parade.

World women riders record
Ace Cafe world record

Deb says they will attempt to break both records set by the British women at their 2WheelBabes event in Dubbo.

“We here in Australian are not only getting our record back, but smashing their other one, too,” she says.

“They only beat us by 19, so I think we can easily win it back.”

The April event is open to every one to spectate, but only women over the age of 18 can register to participate as either a rider or a pillion.

Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased by clicking here. No refunds will be provided.

The entry fee covers the costs of running the event as well as a uniquely numbered t-shirt and riders and pillions will ride in the order of the number on their shirt for the title attempt.

Meanwhile, the annual Babe Raids are being held at Ballina from September 11-14 and Echuca in Victoria on November 13-16, 2015.