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Updated Versions of the BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS Were Spotted

2020 BMW G 310 R

The German Baby Naked Bike

The BMW G 310 R is one of the best small naked motorcycles out there. The G 310 GS is one of the best small adventure bikes out there. They’re reasonably priced, quick and nimble, and generally a good bikes for commuting or for beginners. BMW seems to have updated versions of the bikes. These versions will help keep the bikes fresh and competing well with the competition.

RideApart has some good spy shots of the bikes out testing. They were spotted by a spy photographer and the publication shared them. In the photos, you can see some minor updates from an aesthetic standpoint. You can’t tell if there have been upgrades to the powerplant from the photos, but it is likely the case due to the always tightening emissions standards.

Euro 5 compliance is right around the corner and with the G 310 R and G 310 GS being global bikes, it only makes sense for BMW to do a revamp of the engine. The company likely figured if it was going to update the engine, it might as well do some subtle reworking from a styling standpoint. The G 310 R looks sharper and more angular, but only slightly. The GS version is more of the same. It will probably launch sometime this year, but BMW has not made a statement about the models.