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Triumph Celebrates Their Millionth Motorcycle With Special 01/01 Tiger 900

A view fo the millionth motorcycle to roll of Triumph's factory belt - a tiger 900

Congrats to Triumph for rolling their 1,000,000th bike off the belt last week!

To commemorate the occasion, the world’s largest UK-owned motorcycle manufacturer has, naturally, pimped out their celebration bike – or cele’bike’, if you will (I’ll see myself out).

What better choice of beastie for the millionth motorcycle (I’m assuming they plan the millionth) than the highly popular Triumph Tiger 900?

A view fo the millionth motorcycle to roll of Triumph's factory belt - a tiger 900

“Over the 31 years since we re-launched Triumph, we have shared so many great moments with our fans across the world,” enthuses CEO Nick Bloor last week at Triumph’s Hinckley headquarters. 

“From returning to the TT champions arena, to entering the MotoGP paddock with our Moto2 engine partnership to supporting the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride; Triumph’s success has always stemmed from the passion and commitment we share with our riders.”

A view of the millionth motorcycle to roll of Triumph's factory belt - a tiger 900

“With the forthcoming launch of our brand-new Tiger 1200, new competition MX and Enduro motorcycles, plus our strategic partnership with Bajaj to create smaller-capacity bikes, I am delighted to say that the future for Triumph and its fans across the world will be just as exciting and rich as the last 30 years has been,” Bloor continues.

Care to see if you’ll be in the area to take a gander at the machine? The report from MCN goes on to state that the Tiger will be shown at Motorcycle Live ‘before taking up permanent residence at the Factory Visitor Experience.’

A view of the millionth motorcycle to roll of Triumph's factory belt - a tiger 900

What bike do you think Triumph would have better used for their millionth motorcycle?  Comment below, letting us know what you think, be sure also to check out other related news from Triumph, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

  1. What percentage of the Triumphs made currently are made in Thailand ?

    I realize that where stuff is made does not matter to some buyers, but it matters to me.

    1. Hello Eric,

      I decided to do some research for you on this topic – standby, as I have curated an answer in the form of an article and will be posting it today under the headline “Industry Insider: Triumph and Thailand.”
      Be sure to give me a shout after you read it – I enjoyed going down that particular rabbit hole for you. 🙂

      Cheers and thanks a heap for reaching out,

    1. the premium bikes are still made in the UK as far as I believe but most of the big names have factories in Thailand inc BMW, KTM India and the Philipines, Benelli and the new MV adventure in China I think the 390 KTM engine is made/assembled in China until their factory in India is expanded

      1. Hello Kevin,

        Bingo – crazy how Thailand is considered the current Mecca for motorcycle manufacturing…and and check out yesterday’s “Triumph and Thailand” – Triumph’s CEO gives the reason why he switched from manufacturing at Hinckley, if y’all are wanting extra fodder on this topic. 🙂


    2. Hey Stephen,

      While I see where you’re headed, perhaps a quick read of yesterday’s latest, titled “Triumph and Thailand” might provide more insight. There’s some neat info from Triumph’s CEO there on why he went with Thailand for the three plants.
      Let us know what you think after giving it a read,

      1. I will check out that article
        But i cannot imagine any reason other than unit cost for moving manufacturing/assembly to Thailand.
        At least its not china.

  2. That’s the way of the modern business world today, whether you like it or not. It’s probably the only way that Triumph (and other manufacturers) can stay in business. You may not like where a product is manufactured ( for whatever reason), but you’re still supporting the home country that’s selling it.
    I don’t currently own a Triumph, but I have my eye on some of their bikes. I’m an American of Irish descent. who’s only had Japanese bikes since I started in 1979.
    I like a lot of different bikes. From a number of countries.
    Motorcycles, cars, and bicycles are assembled with many different parts from many countries of origin.
    I do hope that riders enjoy whatever bike they choose to ride.
    And don’t put down some riders because of where the bike was manufactured.
    This is a forum to celebrate motorcycling.
    Thanks for listening.

  3. Stephen, so you don’t drive a Ford Ranger/Everest, Isuzu DMax/MUX, Toyota HiLux, Mazda BT50, Mitsubishi Triton, Holden Colorado or Nissan Navara – all made in Thailand ?

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