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Top 5 roads in America for ultimate motorbike rides

Ultimate roads in the US - Harley-Davidson 110th anniversary

The USA is the ultimate playground for bikers, filled with long winding roads and flat sections that test the limits of your machine.

Here are the top five ultimate roads for an “outride” in America.

#1 Texas – Twisted SistersTwisted Sisters ultimate

Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337 are a group of roads in Texas Hill Country with the moniker of the Twisted Sisters. They require an advanced level of skilled rider to take on the twists and turns at high speed. This 100-mile ride is incredibly scenic and loops around Texas ranches, through valleys, and over hills, with one stretch featuring 65 curves for riders to test their mettle against. Along the route, you can plan stops at some amazing local attractions such as Frionyon Motorcycle Stop, the Lost Maples State Natural Area, and the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum

#2 North Carolina & Tennessee – Cherohala SkywayUltimate Cherohala Skyway

The 43-mile stretch of road also known as the Overhill Skyway stretches from Robinville to the Tellico Plains. Along the route, you can take in the panoramic scenery of the Nantahala National Forest and the Cherokee National Forest. Suited for intermediate to advanced riders, this run has elevations of over 5,400 feet, light traffic and swooping turns that can be enjoyed at high speed. Stop along the way at any of the numerous scenic viewpoints and recreational areas.

#3 Tennessee – Tail of the DragonTail of the Dragon ultimate

The Tail of the Dragon lies along an eleven mile stretch of US Route 129 in Tennessee. The route takes the shape of a dragon’s tail and is said to offer the best riding experience of any bike run in America. With over 300 swooping and tight curves, The Dragon’s Tail is only for advanced riders that really know their machines well. Running through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Dragon’s tail features curves such as the legendary Copperhead corner and Gravity Cavity, that will challenge the most advanced rider.

#4 Virginia and North Carolina – Blue Ridge Parkway

Ultimate Blue Ridge ParkwayIf you are looking for a long run, then the Blue Ridge Parkway is the top destination for your next bike trip. With 469-miles of sharp curves and elevation changes, the Parkway takes an entire day to ride. Make sure you fill up before you attempt it as there are no gas stations in the park itself. The route is lined with conifers, oak trees, and hickory, as well as, featuring spectacular views and many passes and ridges. Watch the weather report before you ride as the winds can be fairly strong.

#5 California – Pacific Coast HighwayUltimate road in the US, pacific Highway #1

California State Route 1, is possibly the most beautiful stretch of road in the country and a must-ride for any motorcycle enthusiast. Spend the day running through coastal curves and admiring the beauty of the Pacific coastline with its amazing property, wonderful waves, and intimidating redwood trees. This 123-mile route runs from Mendocino County to Orange County and suits riders of all levels, provided you keep the speed in check.

Wrapping Up

Pick any one of these roads for the ride of your life. Who knows what kind of transport we will be using in the future, but there will always be room for petrol heads, fast bikes, and amazing roads.

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