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Kawasaki May Have Some Dual-Sport Bikes Coming In January!

Dual-Sport? Yes – Mid-Displacement? Unknown

With the extremely popular KLR 650 being axed from Kawasaki’s lineup, their most recent unveiling brought us the KLX300 and KLX300SM; the first Super Moto to grace the people’s republic of green in a very long time. Kawasaki had promised that six bikes were coming down the pipes, but when the sheet was pulled from the big release only five bikes were present. For riders looking for a bigger dual-sport, the 300 simply won’t cut it, and this may be your golden ticket.

The missing sixth bike, along with a recently announced new seventh sibling has been officially pushed back to January of the new year.

When January 26th 2021 comes, Kawasaki will be ready to show the world the final motorcycle missing from the initial unveiling as well as the extra model that will also be included in the release along with three other non-motorcycle related vehicles. 

The teaser image includes two motorcycles, both are covered, but we can see that they both have spoked rims. Although the spoked rims denounce something more offroad related, one bike has knobbed off-road tires while the other has a street tire. These will definitely be dual-sport oriented or perhaps an upcoming adventure bike. The real question is, will they do the job of filling the place of the mid-displacement KLR that so desperately needs a replacement? We’ll find out in January.