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Super Soco: A ‘Premium’ Electric Motorcycle Lineup For US/UK Markets

A super soco TC Max Electric motorcycle

Hold on to your lids – Electrek tells us that we’ve got a new lineup of high-end machines to contend with on the US/UK showroom floors. Word is that the ‘premium’ lineup will be a higher-shelf option from Super Soco – a pioneering electric moped and motorbike manufacturer already well-known for their affordable, budget-friendly bikes.

A Super Soco TS electric motorcycle

We can’t blame the Aussie-based, Asian-manufactured electric motorcycle and scooter company for raring to get their hands on some higher price points – they’ve just recently entered the North American markets, and with the lineup being presented at the EICMA (later this month), Super Soco’s parent company – the Vmoto Soco group – will likely benefit very nicely from the change in scenery. 

A super Soco TC electric motorcycle

The report states that the Eastern Hemisphere will see more of the small-displacement machines from the brand, while the Central and Western Hemispheres (UK/US markets) will get the premium lineups and higher-cc bikes. 

A Super Soco TC Pro electric Motorcycle

We will keep you posted on what happens here.  Should Super Soco attempt to compete with our current electric motorcycle brand, they’ll be fighting for a prime position amidst Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire One and Zero Motorcycles – both of which sportbikes priced $20,000 or up. 

A side view of Harley Davidson's first custom LiveWire One electric motorcycle, created by JVB-Moto

With giving us the price points of the current Super Soco TC ($3,939.98 USD), Super Soco TS ($3,537.97 USD), and Super Soco TC Pro ($5,065.74 to $5,226.55 USD), we’ll be interested to see just how ‘premium’ this lineup is. 

A Super Soco TS1200R electric motorcycle

Make sure to stick around for updates, head over to see what Harley-Davidson has been up to with the Resolved EU Tariffs, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.