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EICMA 2020 Postponed Until 2021


You’ll Have to Wait Until Next Year

Motorcycle events have been canceled all over the world due to the Coronavirus outbreak. One that hadn’t been decided yet was EICMA. The show is the biggest motorcycle event of the year, and it was recently announced that it would be postponed until 2021

This comes as no surprise. I saw that my colleague Jim posted the announcement to our Facebook page as soon as it was announced. As Jim expresses in that post, we were all just kind of waiting for the official announcement. There was little hope that EICMA would continue as scheduled.

The event was supposed to happen from November 3 to the 8, but obviously that isn’t going to happen now. The screenshot at the top of this article is what you see when you visit the EICMA website. It clearly states that the show will happen in 2021.

The notice said the following about the cancellation of this year’s event: “It was a hard decision—an unprecedented one—taken in order to protect the two-wheels community and its players, from exhibitors to visitors.” 

This is undoubtedly a good call. The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and recently there have been reports of cases increasing in the U.S. While many other countries seem to have things under control, there are still communities being devastated by the virus. It will be interesting to see how things go from here on out.