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Sunshine Coast TT proposal axed

Sunshine Coast TT challenges event
Part of the proposed TT course (Photo Ian Beaton)

The proposal for Sunshine Coast International TT (SSCITT) race has been axed because of a strict deadline, but the race could still go ahead in Victoria, NSW or Tasmania, organiser David Rollins says.

The race was planned to be held in December 2017 around the hills of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, but Rollins says they ran out of time to meet the deadline of August 18. He has pulled the proposal this afternoon.

“We asked for an extension, but rather than have the proposal go forward incomplete and have it voted down in council, we chose not to do that,” he says.

“We were told at the end of June to do a range of things which we set about doing, but five weeks for a track inspection, comprehensive risk management report and marshalling safety audit people from up and down the east coast was just too much.

“The biggest issue for an event like this is risk management and it’s not something you can take shortcuts with. We basically had a fait accompli.”

David says the idea of a TT is not dead and his team is considering options in Victoria, NSW and Tasmania.

“We are not done by any stretch of the imagination,” he says.

The organisers had hoped to attract a top-class field of international motorcycle road racers for the event which would be similar to the famous Isle of Man TT.

The SSCITT boss and advertising and communications expert was responsible for the Mr Motocross series and says he has a team of experts with world’s best practices in event management.

“We’re still keen to do a TT somewhere in Australia,” he says.

Sunshine Coast TT challenges entrapment
Part of the proposed SSCITT ccourse

“We’ve been working on this for two years now and have a lot of knowledge and a great bunch of guys who are keen to go.”

David says they received “overwhelming positive response” for the event.

“We had 5000 likes on our Facebook page in three weeks,” he says.

“To some degree, the support has been a vindication of the concept. We will find a venue for it somewhere on the east coast without a doubt and it will be a major event.

“It’s just a shame it couldn’t be in Maleny. We love the road, the town, the people and the council.”

However, crowd funding on only raised $345 of a $75,000 target.

The proposal met a small and vocal protest from the Maleny community as well as a group of supporters.

“We weren’t swayed by the protesters but I’m sure they will be doing a victory lap,” David says.

“They were ultimately a very small fragment but very organised, very vocal and very determined.”

Maleny Supports SSCITT Facebook page organiser Rachel Adele was understandably upset with the decision.

“I’m really disappointed and frustrated that another region will ultimately benefit from the community and financial rewards of a TT race due to the actions of a small group of Maleny NIMBYS,” se says.

“We missed out but good luck to David Rollins. He’s sure to find another town that’ll be chomping at the bit to get the event happening.” 

  1. The big question is, where is there a suitable TT style track in the eastern seaboard of Australia which is approximately 60 kms long with some twisty bits, hills and not too much in the way of housing as well as good viewing areas and good camping areas would be needed. A major airport within reasonable distance would be handy as well
    Not much of a tall order is it? But hopefully some State government will come on board to support what could be a good earner for the region which attracted a TT type of race to the area. Somewhere around Newcastle in NSW or Port Macquarie?
    What about throwing a few suggestions around to help get this TT up and running, I would love to travel to see this race myself.

  2. So this has been planned for two years and is being
    pulled now, but he is looking at N.S.W, Victoria and
    Tasmania Maybe i’m just an old cynic but I certainly
    wouldn’t be putting my hand in my pocket to support
    this. Really i don’t think the maleny one was ever viable.
    The only positive outcome has been shit stirring a
    few pompous old greenies

  3. I believe is not at all viable to rely on crowd funding etc whilst it’s still only in the “potential stage” with no said approval.
    Another funding manner must be found…and the figures clearly show that.
    However, having said that, I still love the concept and cannot help but think Tasmania is the best place as it ticks most of the boxes listed above for a venue.
    Not to mention a community that approves of such events like the Targa Tasmania.
    Much further away for myself, but surely worth the trip.

  4. Thunderbolts way in NSW, the ride starts from Gloucester & the first rider to Walcha / Inverell is the winner!
    Ha, now you know what we do on the weekends out this way, & my mighty GS500 has shown a clean set of heals
    to many a unsuspecting rider, & if perchance I am left behind, out ridden / out gunned there is many a laugh to be had over a drink @ track, woops! road.


    The promoters of this event have consistently and falsely claimed that the event would be sanctioned by the FIM. The FIM permits only world championship events in Australia. Every other event is permitted by either MA (Australian championship events) or a State Controlling Body (all other events). Despite the claim of FIM sanction, if you check you will find that the promoters of the Sunshine Coast TT have not approached either MA nor MQ about whether a permit could be issued, let alone made any formal application.

  6. Great idea but you’ll always lose to residents in that area who don’t want the inconvenience from something they had no interest in. And the nanny country we live in like many other countries will be a stop. I’m being smart I just knew when it was being shared online that it wouldn’t go ahead, this fellow withdrew his sword before he fell on it so good for him to look like the one who dropped his fists first but this will never proceed in a populated area. Suggestion above like Thunderbolts way is good I think, more country the better. But the best of luck to you sir. You’ll need it 🙁

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