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Motorcycle sock run aids homeless

sock run
The Bear with socks to donate

Motorcyclists are renowned for the charity work and the latest is the inaugural Motorcycle and Community Sock Run Stay Warm for Melbourne’s homeless tomorrow (Saturday August 13, 2016).

The Sock Run Stay Warm is hosted by Shepherds Australia of Victoria whose mission statement is to “support, educate, empower and identify positive opportunities to provide diverse solutions for stability, growth, safety and understanding through the bringing together of the motorcycle and wider community groups”.

Sounds like a worthwhile group!

Their goal for the Sock Run is more than 1000 pair of warm socks.

Why socks?

Apparently the homeless can suffer from “trench foot” from exposure to the cold and wet, from even as high as 15C.

The term “trench foot” comes from the condition suffered by World War I soldiers in the trenches. The foot becomes numbs, changes colour, swells and starts to smell due to damage to the skin, blood vessels and nerves in the feet.

donate socks sock
Donate some warm socks

Socks wear out faster than any other article of clothing and are the least donated, but the main clothing need of the homeless.

Donated socks should be warm and have no holes. If you can’t give socks, warm clothing or blankets will also be accepted.

The Sock Run will start from in from of the Victorian Parliament, Spring St, Melbourne, at 9am.

All socks collected will be dropped off at the Welsh Church, 320 La Trobe St.

Riders will attend the Melbourne Welsh Church Sunday Service at 11am to give thanks to the Church.

The Sock Run is similar to other blanket runs held by various motorcycle charity groups around the country. If it wasn’t for the good work of many riders, the community would miss out on millions of dollars of donations every year.