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Smart helmet revolution coming

Livemap smart helmet
Livemap smart helmet

The smart helmet revolution is coming with several hi-tech helmets or add-on units hitting the market in the next few years, changing riding forever. 

A Russian-developed head-up display helmet has recently developed a new prototype and started taking orders for their helmet due on the market in 2018.

The LiveMap HUD helmet will offer GPS/communications integration, voice-activated controls, speed alerts, and a forward-facing 4K camera.

Unlike other HUD units that display information in a peripheral transparent screen, the LiveMap system projects the images on to the helmet visor so it appears to be a transparent image on the road about 20m in front of the rider.

The drawback is that it will only work on helmets with the special visor and the rider would need to keep the visor down.

The LiveMap helmet will cost $US2000 (about $A2500) and the company is now accepting refundable deposits of $US500 (about $A630). 

They claim that other motorcycle HUD systems using microdisplay screens can cause the rider to re-focus their view angle.

They say these systems also have varied image quality in different lighting conditions, while LiveMap uses a projector with a combiner to display the image in all lighting conditions such as rain, night and bright sun.

LiveMap enables the helmet to pair with a smartphone and an internal forward-facing HD camera.

Riders will be able to use voice commands through their phone to select music, receive phone calls, activate the camera to record their ride and give and receive turn-by-turn navigation information.Livemap smart helmet

Smart helmet revolution

Other smart helmet innovations are either here now or on their way shortly in a revolution that will change how we ride motorcycles.

The biggest controversy in this smart helmet revolution has been the Skully helmet with an integrated HUD system.

The American company went belly-up after making and delivering only a handful of helmets. It seems some company execs splurged the crowd-funding money on fast cars and fast women.

Skully HUD helmet delays

Since 2015, Nand Logic has been developing a helmet with HD video cameras facing front and rear, an accelerometer, gyroscope, thermometer, ambient light sensor, humidity sensor, Bluetooth communication and GPS.

The company is now enrolling beta testers with no timeline yet for production or delivery.

Nand Logic hi-tech smart helmet
Nand Logic

Sena is developing a noise-cancelling helmet with an integrated Bluetooth communication system. It should be the quietest helmet yet, preserving the rider’s hearing and allowing them to listen to music at lower volume levels.

It will be own display at the Australian MotoGP in October and available for sale in January, but there is no firm price yet.

Sena Smart Helmet
Sena Smart Helmet

BMW announced it was getting into HUD helmet technology, following on from its use in their luxury cars over the past decade.

However, Livemap CEO and inventor Andrew Artishchev says the BMW “failed by production and certification problems”.

“After this they was closed this project. I received this information from BMW,” he says.

BMW HUD smart helmet revolution
BMW HUD helmet

Bell last year announced it was working on a helmet with a 360-degree camera and crash alerts.

KTM’s parent, Pierer Industry AG, has invested in American HUD company Nuviz, the first to offer an aftermarket HUD accessory. The funds will help the company release their device, the Nuviz-770, which includes connected riding technology that warns of and talks to other vehicles.

KTM invests in Nuviz-770 HUD technology smart helmet
Nuviz HUD unit

New Zealand company Reyedr (pronounced rider) recently announced they are launching a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter to fund their “affordable” retro-fit HUD system that will fit any full-face helmet.

Reyedr have promised Motorbike Writer a finished product for review “sometime first quarter next year”. 

Reyedr retrofit HUD unit for motorcycle smart helmets
Reyedr retrofit HUD unit

The Zona M100 is a system that features a head-up display screen in your helmet and a rearview camera mounted on the back of their bike. Read our review here.Zona Woman

  1. It won’t change my riding; I have no interest in frying my brain with wireless signals around my head. Too many people are already getting brain tumours from this sort of technology, including a friend who has lost 50% vision as a result of the RF-induced tumour.

  2. It feels some of the “purity” of riding is disappearing with these technological advances. At the risk of sounding like a luddite, it doesn’t appeal to me to have all this HUD info disrupting the riding experience. But then, I am not a huge fan of a lot of the electronic aids being used on bikes these days either. I understand some of the technologies are beneficial and “worst case” scenario type aids, but I wonder whether all this stuff gives some riders (especially those who have never ridden without traction control and abs) an unreasonable sense of security. Each to their own I suppose, I do ride with music from a sena, which would be blasphemous to some.

  3. ‘Tis not for me. The roads are full enough of distracted drivers and riders now. A benefit of riding motorcycles is getting away from the tech-crap bombardment (I manage just fine thanks).

  4. Nope not for me either and check the size of the livemap one its massive, you could fit 2 heads in it…There wasting their money

  5. Not to mention the cost of a helmet with all this “inbuilt” tech. Then again, when you have to replace the helmet periodically due to wear and tear, replacement visors etc. Then you drop it, and not only do you risk a compromised helmet structure but knackered electronics.
    Hopefully, by the time all this becomes “standard” fitment I’ll have succumbed to extreme old age and won’t care.
    They’re taking all the fun out of it!

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