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Zendure Superbase V4600: Home Energy Storage

Zendure Superbase V4600 Power Station

Zendure Portable Power Solutions

Various Zendure products

Zendure was founded in 2013 and is a designer and manufacturer of portable power solutions. Their growing catalogue of power stations and charging accessories have gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and those that are looking for a reliable source of backup power in their lifestyle.

The company’s official motto is “Make power available everywhere” and you know that Zendure’s commitment to that statement is reflected in its offerings. The extensive Zendure collection ranges from mobile power banks and chargers all the way to full UPC replacements.

They also produce solar charging kits for those that need an extra level of sustainability and product integration but will work with other manufacturers’ solar panels (12V to 150V) so you can take advantage of any compatible gear you already own.

Lastly, if you weren’t aware, Zendure announced back in March they’ve joined as an official sponsor for the BOÉ Motorsports racing team in the 2023 MotoGP.

Superbase V4600 Power Station

Zendure Superbase V4600 Power Station

One of Zendure’s newest products is the Superbase V 4600, a home energy storage solution with the capacity to store 4608Wh in its battery packs. At 55kg (121lb), this piece of kit provides the best of both worlds in portability while giving you enough juice to even power multiple appliances.

It’s a versatile unit that gives you a variety of options in both the comfort of your home and while you’re on the go.

Several things to point out with the Superbase V4600:

Supports dual voltage

It’s got 120v/240v so that you have greater compatibility with various items requiring higher voltage. Need it as pure overkill to charge a mobile phone? No problem. Using this as a home backup to power multiple appliances? It can do it.

Multiple Charging Methods

There are multiple charging ports available such as AC, solar, and car ports. The V4600 is capable of dual charge and can charge in as little as 2 hours when you use 240V 3600W AC.

Quick Transfer Time

As quick as 13ms to 0ms transfer time to safeguard power delivery and switching between the battery and the mains.

A Gas Alternative

In some cases, you can apply for a federal exemption depending on your tax incentives, such as the 30% solar tax credit.

The outlets on the Zendure Superbase V4600 Power Station

Full Specifications

The Superbase V4600 is the younger sibling in the V lineup. Its older brother, the V6400 shares similar inputs/outputs, but comes with 6438Wh capacity and uses a solid-state battery instead.

Of particular note is that the SBV4600’s dimensions and weight make it one of the smallest units in its class. At 55kg (121lb), it’s a hefty piece of beef but its telescopic aluminum handles paired with its roly-poly industrial-grade wheels make it easier to handle.

It also has a life of 6000 cycles and comes with a 3-year base warranty that can be extended to a total of 5 years.

Capacity 4,608Wh
Battery Type LiFePO4
Life Cycle 6000 cycles
Dimensions 28.7″ x 13.6″ x 17.4″ (73 x 32 x 44.7cm)
Weight 55kg (121lb)
Max Capacity Up to 64380Wh(2xV6400+8xB6400) / Up to 46080Wh(2x V4600+8xB4600)
  • AC: 1,800W 120V; 3,600W 240V
  • Solar: XT90 x 1: 3,000W 10-150Voc
  • Car: XT90 x 1: 12/24V, 10A
  • Battery: Yes
  • EV: ZenT2 Port
  • Max: 6,600W (+Extra Battery)
AC Outlets 6 outlets
  • 4 x 5-20: 15A 1,800W Max (120V AC)
  • 1 x 6-20: 16A 3,800W Max (240V AC)
  • 1 x TT-30: 30A 3,600W Max (120V AC)
  • 1 x Car Outlet: 12.6V/10A Max
  • 2 x DC5521: 12.6V/3A Max*
  • 1 x Andersen: 12.6V/30A
  • USB-C(1)/(2): 5V-20V, 100W Max each
  • USB-C(3)/(4): 5V-12V, 20W Max each
  • USB-A(1) (2):5V/2.4A total
Connection Type Wifi/Bluetooth
App Smart App Compatible

Zendure Superbase V4600 Power Station integrated with home ecosystem

As an energy storage system, this offering by Zendure is positioned for use at home and on the road. The user-friendly interface allows you to access it through the smart app and can integrate seamlessly with a home that’s hooked up to an EV outlet installation.

For those exploring the outdoors or camping in the backcountry, you’ll be at peace knowing you’ll never run low on power. As a gas alternative, it might be a good peace of mind and an excellent resource to have if attending an event like RevZilla’s Get On! ADV Fest.

webBikeWorld contributor Jared suspects this beast of a unit might very well power the whole event, and we believe him.

To see details on pricing for the Superbase V4600, check out the link below.

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