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SHARK Helmets’ EVOJET Finally Available at UK Dealers

“I Think I Forgot Where I Parked My Spaceship”

We’re back with more news regarding the triple-threat in new helmet technology; the SHARK EVOJET is finally available for UK riders to purchase at their nearest dealer.

The EVOJET – for those who haven’t seen our previous article about it is a modular helmet boasting an incredibly large amount of visibility due to its unconventional visor styling that comes much farther down the helmet than traditional lids in the same category.

The helmet is a hybrid of open face, full face, and modular stylings featuring a front module that lifts the entire mask up, but also maintains safety in the open position with cheek-pads that extend much further down than other modular designs allowing for a tighter and safer fit.

Visually, the helmet is very interesting featuring an odd yet futuristic shape; reminiscent of something you’d see in a Halo or other space-age videogame.

The two-tone colour options really bring the helmet to the next level of future-speed as it creates an effect making the visor look like the entire top section of the helmet as seen in the photo below.

As stated in our first article (be sure to check it out if this helmet is something that tickles your fancy), the helmet will be available in seven colours, sized from XS-XL, and sits at the £239.99 price range (or around $310 USD) which in my mind is a great price for something that features a little more tech and refinement than your traditional helmet options.