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Wait… They Combined Three Helmets in One? Introducing Evojet by Shark

I Think We Just Hit “Peak Modular”

I’ve seen claims circulating around the internet about this helmet (the Shark Evojet) being “three types of helmets combined into one”. Personally, I’d say its two and a half but still worth checking out nonetheless. If you’re looking for a lid with an entire zip code worth of visibility real-estate that allows for both open and “full” face modes, search no further.

Europe has officially homologated this helmet as both open-face and full-face, so you know something strange is going on here.


The helmet itself in the closed full-face position looks nothing out of the ordinary at first glance, but as you examine closely you can see that the helmet’s visor comes down an extra three inches for maximum visibility. It’s almost similar to how the Icon Airflite looks, but the function is there because the face shield actually comes down quite a bit further. Not only are you getting more visibility, but the shield itself has an optical rating of 1/1/1/1 so it really feels like you’re not even wearing a full-face helmet even when in the closed modular position.

The cheek pads come quite far down the side along the jaw, so even when the helmet is in the open-face position you still have the security and overall feel of a full-face. Unfortunately, there isn’t a traditional “visor” so you can’t pop the helmet open for a breath of fresh hair without moving the entire modular piece to the open-face position.

I’m not a huge fan of the route the went for the front vent inlet, as its a giant piece that looks like it should be the button to release the modular portion, but I’m sure many of you will find a liking to the helmet overall as it does fit in with the design language of the lid.

I’m going to rattle these additional details in list-form off because we’ve all read these specs a hundred times on every helmet to come out in modern history.

  • ECE Certified
  • Removable, washable, antimicrobial padding
  • Sun Shield
  • Sizes from XS to XL
  • 7 Colours
  • Prices ranging from $260-300
  • Currently only available in Europe

The video below from the official SHARK youtube channel shows the modular portion of the helmet in action if you are curious to see how it works.



  1. I can find no comments on how well the visor works in cold/ wet weather conditions, as the visor is not pinlock ready . Will it instantly fog up ,forcing you to lift the entire front of the helmet up ?, not great when it’s pissing down on a busy dual carriageway. Not being able to crack up the visor make name nervous lol.

    1. I’m passing my motorcycle driver’s license, and from the 10 hours i’ve used the helmet it doesn’t fog up at all at around 10-20 °C, and the air flow inside is pretty good
      The only problem I have is that my glasses instantly fog up at all times lol
      And even if the visor fogs up it would only happen in urban areas with lots of commuting at low speeds, where you can just lift the visor up
      At high speeds the fog would just disappear because of the good airflow inside

      1. Thanks for the information about this helmet, Felipe!
        We’re working on getting one for review right now.

        For your fogging glasses, have you tried the shaving cream trick? Just cover the glasses lenses with shaving cream and then wipe off until clear. I find this is a great anti-fog coating, lifehack.

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