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Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Caffeine Helmet: Hands-On Review

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Caffeine Helmet
This was my first experience with a Scorpion Helmet and I was impressed. The EXO-ST1400 Carbon Caffeine is a premium offering from Scorpion, and they did not hold back on the features. I love the Carbon look, and the carbon fiber shell translates into a lightweight lid. This helmet has it all going on!
Build Quality
Sizing & Comfort
Very Light at only 1,383 grams
AirFit® custom inflation system
Comm-Ready speaker pockets
Excellent visibility through the visor
FMVSS 218 DOT approved and ECE 2205 certified
Three shell sizes
Integrated SpeedView® Sun Visor
Shipped with additional pinlock visor and pinlock inserts
5-Year Warranty
Excellent price for this level of helmet
Visor lock hard to operate, and even worse with gloves on
Sunvisor slider action is fussy
I am not a fan of Double D ring straps, give me my ratcheting quick release!
Where to Buy

I was really looking forward to the delivery of the Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Caffeine full face helmet, knowing that this lid is one of Scorpion’s premium offerings. Peeling open the box I knew things were about to get really happy, sometimes you can just tell. The protective bag is extra thick and cushioned. Surrounding the helmet, I found an additional pinlock visor in a nice protective sleeve, and what is this? Pinlock inserts actually included?

Oh, you are winning me over Scorpion.

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - Glamour shot

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Features

A feature-packed helmet: 95%

Being a premium Scorpion helmet I was expecting it to be the latest in helmet technology and the EXO-ST1400 delivered.

Taking me all the way back to my Reebok Pump days, the EXO-ST1400 has inflatable cheek pads for a custom fit. With a squishy ball tucked into the lower front center of the facemask, a couple of pumps quickly filled the cheek pads for a secure fit. Next to the pump is a push-button release for quick deflation. As much as I want to call it a gimmick, it worked flawlessly to lock the helmet into a perfect fit on my head.

The Kwikwick® III liner is soft and held up very well against my not-so-soft beard, thanks to decent ventilation it remained dry and cool on my head, with only a few hot sweaty spots forming near my ears where the airflow tends to be weakest. Fully removable, washable, and replaceable, the liner stayed fresh feeling and smelling after roughly 10 hours of hot riding.

The liner design also incorporates what Scorpion calls KwikFit® 3D, basically it is intelligent and comfortable spacing for your eyeglasses. I tried with my sunglasses and it certainly made it a non-issue to take the glasses on and off.

Scorpion has done a great job with their visor materials, I found the optics to be first-rate through my full field of view. With both the integrated sun visor and the clear visor down, the view was free from annoying internal reflections and distortion. Thoughtfully Scorpion not only provides the pinlock visor in the box but also the inserts.

No top-end helmet would be complete without some thought going into accommodations for a communication system. Scorpion provides space enough for 40mm speakers and the neck roll and liner are easy to work with, making the installation of a UClear Motion 6 system quick and painless.

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine -AirFit pump and release Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - speaker pockets
  • Resin-infused TCT-U™ 3K carbon fiber shell. 3-Shell sizes for a precision fit
  • CAD-refined aerodynamics for a smoother, quieter, and more stable ride.
  • Aero-tuned ventilation via adjustable dual ram-air intakes, and spoiler integrated exhaust.
  • AirFit® inflation adjustment system.
  • Fully removable, washable, and replaceable Kwikwick® III interior absorbs and dissipates odor and humidity.
  • Comm-Ready speaker pockets.
  • KwikFit® 3D sculpted cheek pads accommodate eyeglasses.
  • SpeedView® sun visor features 95% UV-A & UV-B protection
  • EverClear™ no-fog treated face shield with integrated center locking mechanism.
  • Additional Clear Pinlock® MaxVision shield and Pinlock® anti-fog insert included
  • EllipTec™ II ratchet system featuring a preset “City Position.”
  • Included breath deflector and aero skirt. (chin curtain)
  • DOT FMVSS No. 218 Certified / ECE Approved
  • 5-Year Warranty

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Construction

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - Kwik Wick 3 liner

Carbon Fiber Shell, Luxurious Liner, Quality Look And Feel: 90%

The EXO-ST1400 utilizes a carbon fiber composite shell. When bound with plastic polymer resin, layers of carbon fiber material creates a composite that is extremely strong, durable, and lightweight. Carbon composites offer higher strength-to-weight ratios when compared to traditional fiberglass or polycarbonate injected helmet shells.

Coming in at a scant 1,383 grams (3.05 lbs), is an impressive feat considering all that Scorpion has packed into the EXO-ST1400. The outer shell shape has what Scorpion describes as “CAD-refined aerodynamics”, and I found the helmet very stable with no lift or any other strange characteristics at speed. Scorpion’s design philosophy is to offer helmets that are equally functional as they are visually appealing.

Scorpion makes the EXO-ST1400 in 3 shell sizes and is DOT FMVSS No. 218 Certified / ECE Approved.

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Fit & Comfort

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - with eyeglasses Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - Neckroll with emergency release


Multiple Shell options, accurate sizing, and general comfort: 90%

The EXO-ST1400 Carbon Caffeine is an intermediate oval helmet, I found the sizing chart to be close. I have a 23.75” head, and I ordered the XL. The Scorpion size chart shows that I should have ordered a Large, but I found the XL to be my correct fit. Over time the padding may settle further, but this is where the Air Fit system will refine the fit and keep the lid secure.

The EXO-ST1400 has a well-formed neck roll and combined with the chin curtain, helped to block out wind noise and keep drafts from creeping up on me. I quite liked the fully removable, washable, and replaceable Kwikwick® III liner. Comfortable against your skin, it also wicks away sweat very effectively to keep you feeling cool and dry even during intensive use in hot conditions. The fabric looked none the worse for wear from my rough beard, after multiple times on and off my head.

I installed the UClear Motion 6 communication system with a 40mm speaker and the fit into the provided locations was spot on. Routing of the wiring was simple and removal and replacement of the liner was an intuitive process. With speakers in place, there was no added pressure around the side of my head, the location and space provided were well thought out.

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Visor & Vision

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - Internal Sun Visor Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - EllipTec 2 ratchet system

Great optics and a nice field of view, not a fan of the visor lock: 85%

The eye port design is large and has great site lines. The EXO-ST1400 has a no-fog EverClear™ internal SpeedView® sun visor that provides 95% UV-A & UV-B protection. Optically it is distortion-free and very nice to look through.

The outer EverClear™ no-fog treated face shield also has excellent distortion-free optics and comes fitted with Scorpions EllipTec™ II ratchet system. This 2-axis movement pulls the shield firmly into the eye-port gasket for a strong seal, while a preset “City Position” adjustment provides added airflow for stop-and-go city riding.

This ratchet system is one of my few complaints about the EXO-ST1400. The overall motion isn’t at the level of a Schuberth or Shoei, and when I compare the cost savings I can forgive that, what I cannot get past is the lock system on the visor. Meant to be a one-handed affair, I found this little latch to be a constant struggle. With gloves on or off, it just refused to easily release. I tried my thumb under it and a finger, the force required to get it to release was very frustrating. I would push the chin bar up my face while fighting to get it to open up. A small issue that proved a regular annoyance.

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - Visor Lock Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - Visor Lock

Scorpion includes a Pinlock Maxvision Face Shield and the pinlock insert, which is something I love and was surprised to find on a sub $500 helmet. Well done Scorpion. They also offer 5 different tints for the outer Everclear No-Fog face shield.

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - Optional Face Shield

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Ventilation

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - Chin Vent

Nice airflow and low fogging: 85%

Overall ventilation was well designed with dual ram-air intakes, and a spoiler exhaust. The vent controls offer two steps for intake volume and did a good job at regulating the airflow without adding additional noise.

The front port did a great job keeping the airflow moving in front of my face without ever having that dry my eyes out feeling. Both the brow and chin ports when closed are whistle-free even at higher speeds (tested for journalistic integrity of course.)

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - Rear Air Vent Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - 3 position top vent

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Noise Management

Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - with UClear Motion 6 mounted

Quieter than many helmets: 85%.

The design of the EXO-ST1400 is certainly more sport-minded, so out I went on my 2016 KTM SuperDuke GT. When it comes to really test the quietness of a helmet, I love my Duke. KTM fitted the SuperDuke GT with a small windscreen that does a passable job of keeping the wind load off my chest, but in doing so creates a significant amount of turbulence around my neck.

The Scorpion design really impressed me with the ability of the EXO-ST1400 to provide a good seal around my neck, while still funnelling the air with no feelings of helmet lift. Head turns side to side felt great and free of buffeting, and the lightweight overall meant little stress on my neck.

I have always preferred to ride with earbuds connected to the communication system, but in this helmet, I had installed a UClear Motion 6 with speakers. The EXO-ST1400 without any hearing protection was quiet enough to allow music and phone calls to be heard clearly. I can’t call this Scorpion helmet the quietest I have ever ridden with, but it does a great job suppressing the whistles and leaks, and overall was a pleasure to ride wear.


Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Caffeine - Phantom

I am impressed Scorpion. I like the styling, the features, the fit, and the weight. Optically it was great to look through.

I am not sure if the AirFit system is a big deal, but it works exactly as intended, and I have a feeling that after one season of riding it would be more noticeable for the ability to maintain a good fit.

I like that the pinlock visor and insert both came in the box. I always use the chin curtain, I like the added wind protection. Scorpion also provides a breath deflector, and I would for sure use it when the temperatures drop back into the visor fog-up zone. Again all thoughtful inclusions from Scorpion.

The latch on the face shield is my only real gripe. Simply put, I think it is a poor design. Pushing up on the latch is meant to pull back the catch mechanism, but what happens is you increase the pressure of the catch against its stop. The result is your kind of work against yourself and it means the release is always compromised and frustrating to open.

When it is closed and secure, it seals well and performs properly, so this frustration is not nearly important enough to prevent my recommending this otherwise excellent helmet.

Priced on Revzilla at $429.95, this for me is a solid buy.


  • Very Light at only 1,383 grams
  • AirFit® custom inflation system
  • Comm-Ready speaker pockets
  • Excellent visibility through the visor
  • FMVSS 218 DOT approved and ECE 2205 certified
  • Three shell sizes
  • Integrated SpeedView® Sun Visor
  • Shipped with additional pinlock visor and pinlock inserts
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Excellent price for this level of helmet


  • Visor lock hard to operate, and even worse with gloves on
  • Sunvisor slider action is fussy
  • I am not a fan of Double D ring straps, give me my ratcheting quick release!


  • Manufacturer: Scorpion USA
  • Price (When Tested): $429.95
  • Alternative models & colors: Phantom, White
  • Sizes: SM to 2XL
  • Review Date: August 2021

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