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Rumor Has It: Moto Guzzi Is Working on a ~457cc Beginner Bike

Spy Shots Show "Guzzilia" with Inspiration from Aprilia RS 457

A Moto Guzzi motorcycle on a road.
Moto Guzzi's V7 Special Edition. Media provided by Moto Guzzi.
  • Spy shots show beginner-friendly bike with inspiration from both Aprilia and Moto Guzzi
  • Chassis and bodywork appear to be from Moto Guzzi, while the engine appears to be that of the Aprilia RS 457
  • Purvis Estimates this bike could be slotted for a MY2025 bike range

Moto Guzzi’s “Italian Harley” aesthetic could soon be disrupted by something…..smaller.

Those of you who are connected to Moto Guzzi will know that Aprilia’s parent company, Piaggio Group, acquired the brand back in Q4 of 2004; since then, we’ve seen a decent turnout of machines to carry forward the heavy-hitting luxury aesthetic for which Moto Guzzi has been so well known. 

This last machine, though, is a newer concept that smacks strongly of Moto Guzzi’s ties with sibling brand Aprilia

Spoiler: We don’t pull spy shots from other platforms (it’s rude), so be sure to head over to the original article for a look at the bike and to support Purvis’s findings. Out of respect for CycleWorld’s platform, we’ll post pictures of Aprilia’s RS 457 (and Moto Guzzi machines) instead of the spy shot batch. 
a close up of the front of a motorcycle.
Aprilia’s RS 457. Media provided by Aprilia.

The bike in the spy shots could be a beginner-friendly “Guzzilia”

Let’s start with the findings of one Ben Purvis, the incomparable techy chap at CycleWorld

While the motorcycle initially looks like a Guzzi, Purvis makes note of a rather different take on Piaggio Group‘s extensive 2025 model year.

The motorcycle’s power platform – a unit identical to that of the Aprilia RS 457 – has been housed in a very non-aluminum, non-Aprilia steel tubular chassis and dressed in an equally non-Aprilia, Guzzi-styled headlight, tank, and saddle.

a close up of the front of a motorcycle.
Aprilia’s RS 457. Media provided by Aprilia.

Why a smaller “Guzzilia” makes sense

Moto Guzzi has not had a 300-400cc motorbike in about half of a century (via Wikipedia). Couple this with the potential for Aprilia genetics infusion, and the future of our good House of Mandello begins to look a tad more… greyscale. 

Should Piaggio decide to add Aprilia DNA to Moto Guzzi’s lineups, it will certainly appear the better choice compared to other collaborations we’ve seen; after all, both Piaggio Group and Aprilia are based out of Moto Guzzi’s “Bel Paese,” Italy, guaranteeing that the company’s ideals to remain close to home. 

Purvis also adds how this bike’s specific design is quite cost-effective for….whichever of Piaggio’s brands is taking all of this on: 

Developing a new V-twin engine for such a bike would be hugely expensive, both in terms of R&D and manufacturing, but creating a new, Guzzi-specific frame to hold the new Aprilia parallel twin is a much more cost-effective route to creating an entry-level model for the brand.”

– Ben Purvis, “Entry-Level Moto Guzzi Spotted” (CycleWorld)

To those of you pooh-poohing the idea of Moto Guzzi and Aprilia getting chummy

Partnerships like Triumph/Bajaj and Harley/Hero are already a hop, skip, and jump ahead of the bring-your-own-beginner-bike bandwagon, and it’s been done in the spirit of bigger sales (HTAuto tells us that Triumph, in particular, was pummeled with an overwhelming demand for their bikes).

The question, then, inverts to align with Purvis’s suggestion: Why not have a smaller bike to jump-start Moto Guzzi’s fleet (and beef up their books)? 

While the idea of a Moto Guzzi without the company’s trademark across-the-frame V-twin engine might have some fans throwing up their hands in horror, the marque’s history includes plenty of bikes with other engine layouts…”

there’s no denying the logic in creating a more accessible, smaller machine to wear the Moto Guzzi brand.”

– Ben Purvis, “Entry-Level Moto Guzzi Spotted” (CycleWorld)

Expect a retro parallel twin with around ~450cc of displacement to show up sometime around Piaggio’s MY2025 deadlines.

What do you think Piaggio Group has in store for their Moto Guzzi lineup? 

*Media provided by Moto Guzzi (Youtube) and Aprilia*