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Road conditions deteriorating

Riders heading to the Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island have been warned that road conditions throughout south-eastern Australia have deteriorated after recent heavy rains.

What is a real concern is that rather than fixing the roads, authorities are reducing the speed limit; maybe temporarily, and maybe permanently.

Freedom Riders Australia spokesman Dale Maggs has particularly warned riders heading through Victoria this month for the MotoGP to be wary of dangerous road conditions.

Potholes Victoria Melton conditions
Potholes near Melton

He says many Victorian rural roads have had speed limits dropped to 80km/h due to rough road surfaces in the wake of the flooding.

Repairs to damaged roads through southern Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia in the wake of these recent storms and flooding have been slow, half-hearted, or non-existent.

“Rural roads across the state of Victoria place travellers at risk,” says Dale who sent in some examples of potholes.Road conditions tar snakes floods deteriorated roads

“Heavy rains in recent months have degraded our roads exposing large potholes across many rural shires.”

He asks riders to contact VicRoads about any hazardous road conditions they see by phoning 131170.

“Report it and perhaps save a life,” he says . (See the end of this article on how to report dangerous road conditions throughout Australia.)

Roadworks have either not been able to catch up or, like the Goat Track on Mt Tamborine, have not been properly fixed.

The Mt Tamborine Goat Track was the subject of recent controversy after several motorcycles and bicycles crashed on “tar snake” repairs to road cracks.

Roadworks cause several bike crashes

Main Roads promised they would be repaired, but Lex Bowden, who crashed his Hayabusa there says the repairs are no better.

“I guess the threshold for some action is for someone to get killed,” says Lex who sent in these photos of the “repairs”.

“But then they will just pass that off as the fault of the rider, chalk another fatality up, and increase the fines and the number of police. Crazy logic.

“I ride with a couple of clubs.  About 2000 members all up. They aren’t riding this route much anymore. Too dangerous for the newbies. Head out west and north of Brisbane. Not great for the cafes etc on Tambo or Canungra.”

How to report dangerous road conditions

Reporting damage in NSW.

Reporting damage in Queensland.

Reporting damage in Victoria.

Reporting damage in South Australia.

Reporting damage in Western Australia.

Reporting damage in Tasmania.

  1. Maybe they should renew the old “every K over is a killer” slogan to a more appropriate “every pothole is a killer”.

  2. Hello Mark,

    As usual, the VMC guys have been working hard with VicRoads in the lead up to the Cranbourne GPRun to identify areas of concern along the route. VicRoads assures us these are being addressed by the relevant parties to make the roads as safe as possible for the increased numbers of motorcycles involved in the event. Each year Dale enjoys using the event to leverage his position at the detriment of the effort the City of Casey and the Victorian Motorcycle Council make for an enjoyable day for the motorcycling community. Improvements about Road safety for motorcyclists is one thing but should we not be looking at positive stories with regards to our own community events rather than shooting ourselves in the foot?

    1. Please Grant, explain yourself on this matter.
      Dale Maggs has not bagged out you, the VMC, the City of Casey, or VicRoads.
      Your continued attacks, are neither warranted or constructive.
      Is all Dale has done, is to warn riders whom plan on riding from interstate or Vic regional area’s down for the festivities and the GP, to be on the look out.
      That motorcycling community service.

      Grumpy Old Bastard
      Ride free and safe

  3. Many of the rural speed limits on the really good roads in Victoria were decreased long before the rains. From 100 to 80. Soon from 80 to 60. Eventually the goal is to reduce ALL road limits to 40 km/hr. Which will substantially increase pollution as cars run in lower gears and use way more fuel. It is also designed to take away our time, the one asset we cannot replace.

  4. What have recent rains got to do with anything, Victorian roads have been deteriorating for the last approximately 5 – 7 years, I’m 54, ridden all my life and have never seen roads in such permanent disrepair.

    What are you doing about that VMC & VicRoads ?

    1. Hi Father.

      I could only imagine (however, not known as fact) the VMC, would be batting for us, the motorcycle riders in regard to the very poor road conditions and their degradation over the years. However attacking the VMC on the issue is not constructive, no matter how anyone feels (including myself) about Grant Delahoy’s typical, and outrageous outburst against Dale Maggs. And I would urge the VMC to distance themselves from Grants comments.

      Other than that, I agree 100% with you and feel that expenditures could be dropped dramatically by putting out “roads in good condition” signs. Thus in turn allowing more expenditure for actually fixing the roads.

      VicRoads, needs to be held to account, for how they spend OUR money.

      Grumpy Old Bastard
      Ride free and safe

  5. I am coming in late on this but it’s up to us to report road conditions ( yeah i know but it’s a sad fact I tell you why in a bit).
    What you have to do is go to the relevant “Roads & Maritime Services” online enquiries site web page) their is a phone number also and put all the information on the relevant page and they will get back to you.
    I spoke to a lady that is in our area “Western” NSW about one problem on the Mid West Highway near Cowra that was fixed in within 1 week (the problem was road repairs, that due to trucks braking made the tar roll up in a hill ((a jump that motocross riders would be proud of)) across one lane of the road no way to avoid it at all ) we hit it in a car at legal speed and the thump lifted us out of the seat and the wipers came on stuff in the console flew everywhere I am glad I was not on my motorcycle.
    The lady I spoke to was quite nice but only looked after Highways not local roads?
    I then asked why don’t the police highway patrols cars report these road conditions to the authorities as they are lurking up and down these highways looking for victims every day surely they could report these pot holes etc (as it the rough roads would effect their sensitive radar etc equipment).My reason to go to court every time I have saved quite a bit of money and points. But she said it was not their responsibility!! Madness I say they should be made accountable for road conditions and road safety.
    Oh! shit sorry but safety cameras save life’s Yeah like hell they do (I’ve not seen a camera give CPR,put a bandaid on a cut nor has a camera called an ambulance to the scene of an accident.
    My 2 bits worth.

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