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Ohvale GP-0 Represents the Best of Mini-Moto Racing

Ohvale GP-0 Daytona 190
Image from Rise Moto

Get Out On the Track

Mini-moto racing is a great way to get on a racetrack. If you want to dominate, you should get an Ohvale GP-0 model. The bikes are available in the U.S. and are totally badass.

The guys over at Asphalt and Rubber called our attention to these cool minibikes designed for track use. Ohvale is an Italian company. It designs and builds the bikes, which are then imported by an American company called Rise Moto.

Ohvale’s top-dog model is the GP-0 190. It’s a four-stroke 190cc little track beast. It’s also seriously pricey at $6,900. Ohvale has smaller displacement models for sale for as little as $4,500.

That might be the stopper for most folks right there, but the GP-0 is worth the dough if you’re seriously into mini-moto racing.

The bike comes with a steel trellis frame, 24 hp, four-speed gearbox, racing suspension, three-spoke 10-inch aluminum wheels, and four-piston monobloc brake calipers and 180mm rotors up front and two-piston monobloc calipers with 155 mm rotors in the rear.

Fun and Affordable Racing

The mini-moto racing sport is growing in North America all that’s really needed is a go-kart track and some bikes. It’s a way to get out on the racetrack for a lot less money. The Ohvale GP-0 might seem expensive, but when you compare it to the price of racing a full-size motorcycle it’s much, much cheaper.

Because Ohvale set up the GP-0 like a regular motorcycle, riding one can greatly improve your riding skills on a full-size bike. That’s one of the reasons mini-moto racing is so popular. The other main reason you should ride a minibike on the trac is that it’s fun. Plain and simple.

Even if you don’t want to drop $7k on a mini race bike, you have to admit that mini-moto racing looks like a good time. You also have to admit it makes you want to hunt through your local classifieds listings for a minibike you could race. I know I will.