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New Progressive Suspension System for Yamaha XSR700 and MT-07/FZ-07 Riders

Get Ready to Upgrade

Do you own a Yamaha XSR700 or a MT-07 or a FZ-07? Then it’s time to upgrade your suspension thanks to a new full suspension setup from Progressive Suspension.

The new suspension kit features a replacement front fork cartridge kit and a mono-shock for the rear. You don’t have to buy them together if you don’t want to, but Progressive noted that you won’t get the full effect if you just upgrade the front or just upgrade the rear.

The system is supposed to smooth out the ride even more on these bikes, but it should also improve stability in the corners and on the straights. Overall, you’ll get a smoother experience and your bike should feel nimbler overall, no matter where you’re riding or what you’re doing.

“We chose to launch this system for the MT-07, a great bike that needed better-than-stock suspension to really show its stuff,” said Sean Delshadi, brand manager for Progressive Suspension. “Customers who upgrade their FZ-07, MT-07, or XSR700 with our system will have a more stable ride and less front-end dive when braking. We think our system unlocks the real performance potential of the bike, making it a whole new animal for the rider to enjoy.

The suggested retail price for the front suspension is $339.95. The suggested retail price for the rear suspension is $649.95. If you’d like to learn more about this new setup from Progressive Suspension, check out the website or find the closest Progressive Suspension dealer.