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New BMW G 310 GS and G 310 R Spotted

BMW G 310 GS
Image from Motociclismo

Say Hello to the New Baby BMWs

There have been rumors and sightings of upcoming new versions of the BMW G 310 GS and G 310 R, but now there are some more spy shots of the bikes thanks to Motociclismo. The publication recently posted a spy shot to its website showing a G 310 GS testing. It also said that the new bikes were being unloaded in India.

These new versions of the bikes’ details are yet unknown, but one thing that is clear is that these bikes will be up to snuff when it comes to emissions. The motorcycles will feature updated powertrains that can pass the ever-tightening emissions standards in India and in Europe. 

There are some obvious updates to the exterior, though it’s a bit hard to see due to the fact that the bikes are painted in a flat black, which obscures some of the details. BMW has done this to keep some things hidden, but I can see that the bikes feature a more modern and slimmer design. 

The engine is still a liquid-cooled single-cylinder one, and it should put out somewhere in the neighborhood of 34 hp, which is a reasonable amount for a 310 cc engine. It will be a little while until I have all the details. These bikes will likely come out in 2021, and BMW has not officially showcased them.