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National Packard Museum’s Annual Vintage Motorcycle Exhibition to Show Buell Bikes

A side view of the 1987 Buell RR1000

For 22 years, the National Packard Museum has hosted their Annual Vintage Motorcycle Exhibition – and with 2022 on the horizon, they’ve just released that the brand to be featured is none other than Buel, via a beautiful 1987 RR1000. 

The Business Journal Daily tells us that the bike is currently on loan from New Castle Harley Davidson. With the RR1000 being Erik Buell’s first entry into the sport bike market (and only 50 ever made), it’s a gorgeous representation of the brand – and it’ll be flanked with a nice array of other bikes, fulfilling “veteran, sport, on/off road, racing, military, and scooters and service bike [categories],” comments the report. 

A side view of the 1987 Buell RR1000

“Vintage accessories, gear and riding apparel will be exhibited alongside the motorcycles.” 

“We are excited to display such a broad variety of motorcycles,” says Mary Ann Porinchak, executive director of the museum. 

“Presenting six different categories enables us to display something special or unusual for everyone to appreciate, from long-time collectors and riders to casual admirers of motorcycles.”

Here’s a list of the bikes that will be featured: 

Annual Vintage Motorcycle Exhibition Bikes

Source: The Vindicator

Veteran Bikes

1909 Thor V-twin in original condition

1910 ½ Yale Single Cylinder

1913 NSU TT Special

1915 Austro-Omega Model 400cc

a view of a Kawasaki H1

Source: eatsleepRIDE

Sport Bikes

1955 Harley-Davidson KHK

1961 Husqvarna 31 Sport

1968 Bridgestone BS100

1972 Harley -Davidson Sportster XLH

Kawasaki H1

a side view of a 1957 BMW R-50 ISDT

Source: Turtle Garage

On/Off-road Bikes

1957 BMW R-50 ISDT replica (modified for Enduro use)

1967 Triumph TR6C

1971 Yamaha 360cc RT1-B Enduro

1950 Horex 350 Rennmachine (ridden by Friedl Schoen)

Source: AutoEvolution

Race Bikes

1950 Horex 350 Rennmachine (ridden by Friedl Schoen)

1950 German 350 cc Class Road Race Champion

1950 German 350 cc Class Road Race Champion

1966 Velocette Thruxton (VMT 217)

1975 Rokon Cobra

2001 Honda RC

1978 Harley-Davidson MX250

a side view of a 1943 Indian Military 741

Source: Yesterdays

Military Bikes

1943 Indian Military 741

1961 Matchless G3 (used by the Dutch military)

A side view of a 1951 Harley Davidson Servicar

Source: Mecum Auctions

Service Bikes

1951 Harley Davidson Servicar

1958 Cushman Eagle

1962 Triumph Tina Scooter

1966 Vespa 165

A title hero from the original article

Source: Mecum Auctions

We’re told by the article that the exhibit will open Jan. 8 and run through May 21, with hours running Tuesday – Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. 

Admission is $10 ($8 for seniors 65 and older; $5 for children under 12; free for children under 7).

Let us know what you think in the comments, we love hearing from you. 

Be sure to also check out other recent newsies from our archives, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties.

*Title media sourced from Mecum Auctions*