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MV Agusta going turbo-charged with 800 Dragster?

MV Agusta looks like it might be chasing Italian compatriot Ducati into the muscle bike category.
With sports bike sales in the wane, MV Agusta has introduced two mid weight bikes, but this video shows it may also have a competitor for the Ducati Diavel.
It’s called the Dragster and while it may only be powered by a 798cc three-cylinder engine like the coming Turismo Veloce 800, there are rumours that it may have a lot more power.
The hottest tip is that it could be turbo charged.
Turbo is the new buzz word in the industry after Suzuki unveiled the turbo-charged 588cc parallel twin Recursion at the Tokyo Motor Show in October and Kawasaki showed a turbo-charged four-cylinder engine.
Turbo was the “next big thing” back in the ’80s with models from several of the Japanese manufacturers.
But it had manic light-switch power that made them not only difficult to control, but dangerous. They were also temperamental and unreliable.
Modern low-boost mini turbos have revolutionised the car industry in recent years allowing manufacturers to produce more power while also saving weight and improving fuel economy and reliability with much smaller engines.
The same could be done with bikes.
The Dragster 800 is based in the Brutale, but other details are not yet available and there isn’t much more to see in the teaser video.
What we can see is the are the exhaust pipes coming out from the right, it is a sit-up-and-beg riding position like the Brutale and has a chopped tail.
Sorry about the quality of the images from the video, but MV Agusta has certainly got everyone’s attention with this.