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Motorcycle parking bays under siege

Motorcycle parking under siege park

Motorcycle parking is under siege from motorists who think they can use our parking bays and even put shopping trolleys in them.

It’s rude, it’s lazy and it’s illegal.Motorcycle parking under siege park

We have seen this happen on many occasions and social media is heaving with photographs of cars and other vehicles parked in motorcycle parking bays.

In fact, we invite you to send in your photos, shaming the drivers!

Some council authorities go out of their way to supply specific parking for riders and use special stencils to point out that your wide car won’t fit!Motorcycle parking under siege park

Yet it still doesn’t stop drivers from using them.

We’ve also seen trikes and three-wheel roadster using motorcycle bays where they are too wide for the allotted space.Motorcycle parking under siege park

Yes, they are officially classed as motorcycles, but the law says a vehicle must be confined within the white lines.

In fact, you can even be fined if your motorcycle leans over the lines!Parking fine Motorcycle parking under siege park

Parking under siege

Parking is one of the biggest issues that upsets riders.

We take up so little space and are a solution to the parking shortage, so we should expect some attitude from councils.

Instead, we find motorcycle parking is under siege.

We are not only have to fight councils such as Melbourne which is considering taking away some free footpath parking but also motorists who trespass on our legal bays.

  1. Parked my Motorcycle and sidecar many times in motorcycle parking areas. No problem. Obviously commonsense occasionally overrules regulations, same as I am not going to park the thing facing downhill with no revers

  2. I’m kinda inclined to show cars what its like to get around on two wheels and then deflate two of theirs. And as for trolleys, bikes can get around them if they are left in driveway areas but car drivers not. So while it might not payback the perpetrator that left them where they shouldn’t it sends a message- how clever some drivers are and if they get it is debateable.
    I know both of these solutions are antagonistic and not what any of us would actually do but its fun to contemplate.

  3. Lot’s of inconsiderate car drivers around, use the car spaces instead.
    Additionally on inconsiderate people, Carindale in Brisbane have a set aside area for motorbikes (woolworths level section) that cars can’t access, however staff members throw there left over coffee & tea across that area causing a major slip hazard, it’s undercover but even when the spillage dries it’s dangerously slippery parking wet motorbikes & scooters.
    I made a formal complaint September 2015 & noticed it had been pressure cleaned for the first time just before late January 2020, I haven’t used one of the spaces since Sept 2015.

  4. Because I ride a Trike I’v had wingers from both sides. Car Driver complaining I am taking up car spaces when car spaces are limited and bike ones are available, and the inverse too.

    I politely answere their question, if they persist, then they get the non poliite side of me amd mpore than likely never forget the experience.

    Our Council says in Shopping centre car parks, I am expected to park in MC parking areas, so its a no win situation. I’ll apply diligence in chosing a spot buy on some days we find there’s no pleasing everyone. At that poihnt I dont give a rats derriere what anyone thinks.

  5. Get it right – the vehicle does NOT have to be confined inside the lines… that “rule” applies if the vehicle is small enough to fit inside the bay to begin with.

    Following is from Road Use Legislation:

    (2) The driver must position the driver’s vehicle completely within a single parking bay, unless the vehicle is too wide or long to fit completely within the bay.
    Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.
    (3) If the vehicle is too wide or long to fit completely within a single parking bay, the driver must park the driver’s vehicle within the minimum number of parking bays needed to park the vehicle.
    Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

    …so I will continue to park my Spyder in motorcycle parking bays (just like the owner of the one above), because it is a motorcycle.

      1. I agree completely, Mark. If you’re silly enough to leave the top half of your motorcycle encroaching on the adjacent space, then you’re just waiting to be fined.
        It’s akin to hugging the white line with your tyres on a nice tight bend, then complaining bitterly when you hit your head on the oncoming vehicle because you “were in your lane”.
        Keep up the good work.

  6. The picture shows yellow lines:
    ” Yes, they are officially classed as motorcycles, but the law says a vehicle must be confined within the white lines.”
    Sorry, could not help myself.
    I ride a Spyder and use car bays. Just easier.
    However, when I still rode BMW, I objected very loudly to the parking attendant at the hospital where I was charged full car price to park. I did use a out of the way place where a car could not park.

    1. Hi Frank,
      Let’s be frank (‘scuse the pun), when you’re dealing with traffic wardens, they can be little Hitlers and not necessarily interpret the road rules correctly.
      Also, you’re right, that’s in a shopping centres which can have different, arbitrary rules and even bigger Hitlers!

  7. In my Town,parking inspectors encourage motorcyclists to park on the footpath,it’s legal here in Victoria.
    Out of the 2 supermarkets in this town,only one provides a motorcycle single allocated parking spot,which 99% of the time is taken up with cars….

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