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Merlin Biker Collective Features Three Riders With a Love For Good Gear

A view of the three new members of the Merlin biker collective that has just gone live as of this past weekend

When Merlin released their Biker Collective, we were impressed by the bold move of the brand. The concept was clever; what better way to shape a company’s products and get gear out there (while feeding quality vibes to the motorcycle community) than by picking three normal run-of-the-mill sapiens addicted to the twisties, supporting their rides by loading them up with gear and asking them in return to write honest feedback for the populace?

A view of three motorcyclists chosen for the All-New Merlin Biker Collective

We love the idea, and with the trifecta now chosen for the Collective, these 2022’s lucky ducks – Nate Kwarteng, Annette Norman and Zak Johnson – have a list of perks to look forward to. 

Alongside kits sent in advance and made up of Merlin’s new collections (Heritage, Leisure Moto and the newest collection, Explorer), Merlin’s press release tells us that the Biker Collective will create videos, written content and reviews for the sake of Merlin’s customers.

This will also include photoshoots, team rideouts, attendance to events…pretty much anything that will help motorcyclists on the other side of the screen take a better gander at what Merlin’s shelves have to offer. 

A view of three motorcyclists chosen for the All-New Merlin Biker Collective

Nate Kwarteng

A freelance front-end developer for the website Renchlist (a site dedicated to the latest news and developments in the world of retro, vintage and classic motorcycling).

Proud owner of a Triumph Thruxton R.

“I’m honoured to be a member of the Collective and particularly keen to meet the other riders in the Collective,” states Kwarteng

“Equally, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to create content that inspires other riders to jump on their machines.”

A view of three motorcyclists chosen for the All-New Merlin Biker Collective

Zak Johnson

The founder of a top-notch, sustainable fashion brand called NAECO, Zak knows his material – and his pickiness will be perfect for the Merlin Biker Collective. 

He rides a custom-built Harley Davidson Forty-Eight.

“I applied for the collective as I genuinely love the products that Merlin produce and I am a customer,” enthuses Johnson. 

“I tell people about the clothes I wear so when I found out about the Collective I really wanted to be a part of the brand I love. If I can help promote great products and influence the future of the garments that’s a fantastic opportunity.”

A view of three motorcyclists chosen for the All-New Merlin Biker Collective

Annette Norman

The first member to be selected for the Collective, with a fresh three years under her belt and more to come.

Currently riding a Triumph Speed Twin 1200 and a CCM Spitfire Blackout.

“I have recently found a love for all things motorbikes,” admits Norman.

“I am enjoying being involved and part of the wider biker community while breaking down stereotypes. To have an opportunity to test and input is a privilege and will be like my birthday multiple times a year each time I’m lucky enough to get a piece of Merlin gear!”

“I am proud to be working with a great British brand and be part of Merlin’s exciting journey.”

A view of three motorcyclists chosen for the All-New Merlin Biker Collective

Stay tuned for the Collective content to start rolling – we love what these three have to offer the British bike gear brand, and anticipate a very nice set of hi-res media for the next press release. 

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Drop a comment below letting us know what you think, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*All media sourced from the relevant press release and Merlin’s official website*