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The CCM Spitfire Six Is Still Available

CCM Spitfire Six

Limited Production and Available

At Motorcycle Live last year, CCM revealed the Spitfire Six, and I expected these motorcycles to be snatched up pretty quickly. The bike is a limited edition machine, and the company is still taking orders on the Spitfire Six right now, according to MoreBikes.

The CCM Spitfire Six is a unique motorcycle that features a 600cc single-cylinder engine with a six-speed gearbox. The bike looks custom and offers a super unique, minimalist style. Only 300 of the motorcycles will be made, and the parts used to build the bike are top-notch. It should be a very nice motorcycle.

The bike comes with a price tag of £9,995 (about $12,177). That’s not cheap, but it’s also not wildly expensive for a motorcycle that will be made in such low volumes and be so unique. The bike is highly customizable, and that means that you can get your limited-production Spitfire Six built so that it’s pretty much a totally unique bike.

The frame can be had in either black or a clear coat. The tank can be painted one of the following colors: Metallic Oxblood Red, British Racing Green, and Pearl White. From there, you have a choice of numerous parts and accessories to add. Check out the company’s website for more information.

  1. Absolutely gorgeous
    I don’t care for the wheel and tyre size choices
    But I hope they sell out instantly

  2. I bought a Spifire six and got it in November 2020, orders are delayed as mine was supposed to arrive in August 2020.
    Well worth the the wait as this is the nicest bike I have owned (LOOKS AND BUILD), with the options to buy different paint choices, seat options,wheels etc etc, you can make it your own styling.
    I went with the Stealth kit option at an extra £1500, plus other extras on top.
    They are not the cheapest 600cc bikes out there but when you see one in the flesh you can tell they are a real head turner(future/present classic), they sound great like most single cylinder bikes & are high torque thumpers.
    If you can get one you will love it.
    The new Blackout scrambler is CCM`s newest offering and that too looks the chizznits as do all the Spitfire range.
    Go on buy yourself one, you know you want to…lol

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