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Meet the innocent victims of the VLAD Act

Wives, mothers and children of motorcycle riders affected by the VLAD Act had to speak on their behalf at the Freedom Rally attended by thousands of protesters in Brisbane yesterday.
 The riders themselves were not able to attend because of the draconian laws that prevent people from associating with members of 26 motorcycle clubs arbitrarily declared criminal organisations without any evidence. So their wives, mothers and children spoke on their behalf and told of how the Queensland Government’s laws were affecting family life.


Tracey and Kassie Kosenko
Tracey and Kassie Kosenko

They represented husbands, brothers and fathers who were either: jailed before the laws and now serve 23 hours a day in solitary because they are motorcycle club members; jailed without bail because they associated with members of declared clubs; or club members who cannot be seen out in public because the police may consider they are “associating”, a term even Police Commissioner Ian Stewart can’t define.

Tracey and Kassie Kosenko, wife and daughter of Rebels MC Member “Little Mick” addressed the packed Roma St forum: “We wonder every day when he goes to work is he going to come home or is he going to go to jail for six months.”  Tracey says her husband has been a Rebels MC member for more than 33 years and has no criminal record, but on October 18 he woke to find the Queensland Government had deemed him to be a member of a criminal organisation “with no proof or justification”.

“This has made me, our family and all of our friends criminals in the eyes of the law,” she says. “He is now forbidden from going to a place he has called home for the past 30 years. He can no longer attend his brothers’ funerals, weddings, birthdays or Christmases.” She says that out of 40 members of the two Queensland chapters of the Rebels MC, only four have committed any sort of criminal offence while in the club.

Her daughter, Kassie, then spoke: “My dad has been a member my entire life. He’s not a bad man. Campbell Newman does not know the damage he is doing to families like mine.”

Tracey Carew
Tracey Carew

Tracey Carew spoke on behalf of the now-famous Yandina Five which includes her husband, Josh, brothers Scott and Steve and two family friends. Four are now out on bail after spending more than a month in solitary confinement while Steve is still behind bars “23 hours a day, seven days a week”. “No contact with anybody, can’t even cuddle his family, can’t even see his children. It’s disgusting,” she says. Tracey says inmates in solitary are “robbed” of their rights to many things including hot showers, religious activities and sunlight.

“The mental damage that is happening to our boys is irreversible. We will not know the full extent of this damage, but one thing’s for sure, since their release they have not been the same and the fear of returning to solitary confinement lingers every day. The damage is also affecting our family, our children and our parents. My mother has been hospitalised over the past week for extreme stress and anxiety. In total there are eight children who are affected by these laws just from our family alone. Eight children under the age of nine. And having to explain to them why their dads were taken away is not an easy thing to do and the older children now fear the police will return to take their dads away.”

Caroline Stewart and friend
Caroline Stewart and friend

Through tears Caroline Stewart, mother of Jacob Little, told the 3000 protesters that her son is in solitary confinement, doing 51 hours straight with no human contact. “I can’t touch my son, I can’t hug him, I can’t support him,” she says. “My son is not cancer, my son is not scum. He is my child and I will fight for him.”


Harley-Davidson Breakout
Harley-Davidson Breakout




  1. These laws have to go. But even beyond that, the people who perpetrated them on our community must also be banished to the political wilderness forever.

  2. There’s a serious point missed by the author of this article – these are NOT innocent victims, these are family members of people who associate with outlaw motorcycle clubs.

      1. BenH, Do you belong to any club or organisation? If the answer is yes, I dare say some of the members of that organisation may have some sort of criminal history. All Clubs are some sort of cross section of society. Do you believe that you and your other non-criminal mates should be banned from meeting with one another because you are a member of the same club as those other members who have a record? Even worse should you be allowed to be stopped, searched, harrassed and detained by police because you wear that Club’s uniform? It’s a slippery slope brother, but appears to be one Queensland appears happy to be on until they are caught in the slide.

          1. Unfortunately Ben the legislation being used applies to any “association”. What is next? Unions…..Religous Groups….these are all associations under this new law….as is your bowling or service club. And again don’t forget many of these people have committed no crime and still aren’t allowed to hang out together with other people who have committed no crime. Tell me you TRUST all politicians and all police not to abuse these laws, the way they already are. I am a Ulysses club member. Yes some of us ride bikes and are all senior citizens. I have no offence greater than a speeding fine some years ago. I have been stopped four times since November for no reason. Where am I going? Who am I going to see? Why am I wearing a Ulysses vest? Ah Queensland…..beautiful one day…..police state the next.

          2. Maybe you should read a few more of the facts, as what you are saying is totally incorrect. Go read the finer print, and go talk to some of the families and friends affected by these new laws

  3. Ben H……if you believe that all the people being harassed, jailed, detained on the side of the road for an hour, strip searched on the side of the road in peak hour traffic by 6 cops (yes I know a 20 guy who has tattoos and had this happen, he drives a car, doesn’t ride a bike and has no association with “criminal” clubs and no criminal history!) then you are either walking around with your eyes shut or you’re a Newman groupie!
    Wake up, this is affecting more varied people than you know.

  4. Interesting to see how emotive people get and how quickly they lose their objectivity.

    This article is about the supposed Victims of VLAD. Every single one of these people is the partner or relative of a member of an outlaw motorcycle club. These clubs exists not for social reasons but to support criminal activities. The sooner these clubs are shut down and the criminal element flushed out the better.

    1. BenH, your ignorance is astounding. Frightening actually, that there are people like you who believe everything they read in the paper or see on TV. I’m sorry, but unless you’ve spend time within the Motorcycle Club scene and know members and their families personally, you’re not at all qualified to have an opinion, and your above comment that “These clubs exists not for social reasons but to support criminal activities” is an ignorant, inaccurate statement that you obviously heard somewhere and took on – copy/pasted from a News Corp newspaper. Certainly not in any way “Objective”. Oh yeah, and “Gang” is an invented term used by police and politicians to demonize a group of people. The correct term is Club. None of these overarching allegations have been proven in a court before a judge and jury, there has been no due process in declaring these 26 clubs criminal organisations, and the Attorney General and Police refuse to show any so-called “evidence” to a judge for independent review! They even sacked the independant committee supposed to oversee them! (Agree with us or your out). Do your research BenH – you might find a clue somewhere.

      1. Thanks NathanW for your patronising, arrogant and yet ignorant reply. You’re not in any position to judge me or my right to have an opinion on this matter. I’ve seen the darker side of outlaw motorcycle gangs first hand in Western Australia and New Zealand and to a lesser extent in New South Wales. I’m more than entitled to have an opinion and my opinion is not a simple regurgitation of facts fed to me by the mass media.

  5. Ben, soryy mate but you are just plain wrong. I am affected. I am not in a motor cycle gand. I have no association with anyone who is in an outlaw motorcycle gang. As I said I have been “detained” four times. I can’t ride my bike in peace and simply enjoy the sights like you can. Do you believe that is fair? My branch of the Ulysses Club have been riding in a group for years and now can’t do that without being stopped and told we should have rung to “organise” our ride with the police. We are all over 50 and in no way connected with an outlaw gang. Is that fair? People tend to get emotive when this sort of social injustice limits their ability to enjoy a legal past time of their choice.

  6. I do not ride a bike anymore but I can tell you that after reading VLAD it does not just point at bike riders it points to all and that means anyone in a social group, club wether it be on land or sea if you are in a group of 3 or more you can be charged and locked up that is how it is constructed and no matter how much bullshit Newman tries to spin about it that is how it is so unless we get rid of it now all you will need to do is have a birthday party and you run the risk of being locked up, this is the first step to take all rights away from people in Qld eventually spreading to the whole country which will then be under a dictatorship, is this what people really want,are people being turned into sheep to be lead blindly by a few, I don’t think so, this country is heading down the path of revolution but it will not be a pretty one Eureka Stockade will have nothing on what the next will be and innocent people will get hurt and loose their lives just because of a few greedy nutters that want full and total control, as the name of the movie implies, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. Wake up people of Qld and indeed of Australia before it is too bloody late.

  7. JohnC, I’m a bit passionate about this but I think your response is a bit over the top. Australia ain’t the kind of country that solves political or social problems with violence. We are lucky enough to have the chance to just vote the bastards out every four years and protest as loud and long as we like. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8. And the puppet needs to go. My grandfathers fought against communism and I will go against this so my children don’t either!! I am a farm girl and have friends that love all types of bikes. These laws are wrong on so many levels. Tell me why this muppet is allowed to tell you who you can and can’t talk to?? Now hard working peoples work licenses are in jeopardy. Campbell Newman you are a puppet on strings! What about politicians? Mafia members? Pedophiles? The real criminals! Btw didn’t the police force have A big part in that drug bust over there??? Wake up Australia. Your freedom may be a thing of the past soon.

  9. They took your guns now they make criminals out of every day citizens wait for the brown shirts down under !

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