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KTM: Parent Company Experiences Sky-High Bike Sales for 2021

A view of the brands associated with Pierer Mobility company, a parent company of KTM

KTM’s Parent Company, Pierer Mobility, has just closed their 2021 Sales Numbers with a beautiful 23% increase in bike sales for the year. 

That’s a massive improvement from 2020; we’re told by Asphalt & Rubber that last year saw a 3.4% drop – not unusual when compared to other motorcycle names, but still a hefty loss for such a large brand. 

Take a look at the culmination of Pierer’s Sales Figures in this chart provided by the report, showing 2016-2020:

A view of the sales figures for Pierer Mobility, with KTM dominating the columns

Surprisingly, it seems that 2020’s sales figures sport a huge increase in electric bike profits – a term that many riders are adjusting to and one that proves the versatility of such machines, whether in an urban setting or the countryside. 

A view of the brand associated with Pierer Mobility company, a parent company of KTM

The report also tells us that the official annual report from Pierer Mobility will be dropping on February 1st, with expectations that the sales figures will be ramping up for KTM and remain reasonable for GasGas and Husqvarna

Curious about the rundown for electric mobility under Pierer Mobility? 

2020 apparently saw 102,753 (+40%) standard bikes sold and 76,916 (+37%) were purportedly e-bikes(from all three brands). By contrast, 2021 saw 332,881 bikes sold. 

“Before we see more concrete numbers, we do know that roughly one-third of motorcycles were sold in Europe, with North America, India, and Australia taking the bulk of the remaining two-thirds,” continues the report. 

“In total, 2021 brought in roughly €2 billion for Pierer Mobility, which was a 32% gain over last year’s haul. The company predicts an EBIT margin that’s going to be somewhere between 9% and 9.5%.”

A view of the brand associated with Pierer Mobility company, a parent company of KTM

We look forward to the beginning of February; numbers going up means greater accessibility of machines, and although the Powersports industry is doing ridiculously well at present (despite Magnesium and chip shortages), bikes often have trouble staying in a dealership when they come in. 

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*Title media sourced from Pierer Mobility AG*