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The GasGas 2021 Model Lineup Is Here and Ready to Race

gasgas motocross

Ready for AMA Supercross and Motocross

GasGas, which is owned by Pierer Mobility Group (the same company that owns Husqvarna and KTM), has announced the lineup for 2021. These bikes will feature similar engines to KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles and WP Suspension throughout the lineup. The brand also came with its own expertise, so there’s still plenty of that. Let’s dive in.

Motocross Models

gasgas motocross

The motocross models are both four-stroke models and two-stroke models. On the four-stroke side of things, we have the MC450F and the MC250F. On the two-stroke side of things, there’s the MC125.

You won’t see a 350cc model here. The reason? It would compete directly with bikes from KTM and Husqvarna.

Enduro Models

gasgas enduro

The enduro lineup is made up of four different motorcycles. Again there are four-stroke motorcycles and two-stroke motorcycles.

On the four-stroke side of things, we have the EC230F and the EC350F. On the two-stroke side of the fence, there’s the EC300 and the EC250. 

Cross Country

gasgas cross country

The cross country lineup is made up of mostly four-stroke motorcycles, though there is one two-stroke bike that you can’t overlook.

On the four-stroke side of things, we have the EX450F, EX350F, and the EX250F. If you want the ring-ding-ding of a two-strok motorcycle, then you’ll have to go with the EX300.


gasgas trial

GasGas is best known for its trial motorcycles, and this year, the company will continue to kick but with its TXT Racing trial bike lineup.

There’s the 250, the 280, and the 300 versions of the the TXT in North America. Markets outside of North America will have access to a TXT Racing 125. GasGas could also offer higher-spec versions of these bikes at a later date, but no announcements have been made at this time.


gasgas mini

GasGas hasn’t left out the kiddos. The company has three gas-powered bikes and an electric motorcycle for their enjoyment.

The range starts with the MC50. From there it goes to the MC65. Then it’s on to the MC85. If you want an electric bike, that’s where the MC-E5 comes in. It’s similar to the KTM SX-E5 and the Husqvarnda EE-5.