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KTM invests in HUD helmet technology

KTM invests in Nuviz-770 HUD technology smart helmet
Nuviz HUD unit

KTM appears to be joining BMW in pushing head-up display (HUD) helmet technology that integrates with their bikes and other motorists.

The company’s parent, Pierer Industry AG, has invested in American HUD company Nuviz, the first to offer an aftermarket HUD accessory.

The funds will help the company release their device, the Nuviz-770, which includes connected riding technology that warns of and talks to other vehicles.

KTM invests in Nuviz-770 HUD technology

Last year BMW announced they were developing a HUD helmet for production in the next few years.

They say it will not only display vital information such as GPS directions, speed and various motorcycle functions on a screen in the rider’s periphery, but also real-time information for future vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

HUD technology has been around for a long time in fighter jets, then luxury cars and soon as an aftermarket device so riders don’t have to take their eyes off the road to see important information.

KTM invests in Nuviz-770 HUD technology
A rider’s view with HUD technology

The first helmet with integrated HUD was the crowd-funded Skully which went belly-up after the founders allegedly squandered the millions in funding on fast cars and women.

There has been talk of other HUD helmets from Sena, the Encephalon from Nand Logic and a Russian prototype, but none has yet hit the market.

Now it appears KTM and Husqvarna may also develop a HUD helmet with Nuviz help.

At the moment, KTM funds will help launch the latest Nuviz aftermarket device, but there is every likelihood KTM will want to make their own helmet with connectivity to its bikes and other motorists on the road.

The move toward this type of technology is gaining pace with German techno giant Bosch recently releasing a video of how they see the safe future of motorcycling.

The video features the rider on a BMW so we expect the two German companies have been working closely on this technology.

Nuviz revived

Nuviz had raised more than $200,000 through crowdfunding to release their device in 2014, but refunded the money when they couldn’t meet their target.

They now have $5.4m in corporate (KTM), private and even Finnish government funding.

Their device will attach to the outside of a helmet and show vital information on a transparent display screen in the right corner of their field of view.

It also has a built-in camera so riders can take photos or videos.

It will cost between US$699 (about A$920) when it is released this year.