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Industry Insider: European Study Shows Current State of EV Mobility

A view of European motorcyclists

Our Current Status in the Trudge Toward Less Greenhouse, More Green

A handful of big names have assessed our current status when it comes to e-mobility, with results in the manufacturer’s sector as well as business districts. 

It’s been a while since we covered the fact that Europe was on track to cut 78% of emissions by 2035.  With the electric revolution happening at warp speed, there are still big transitions to be made – though a UK study is showing just how much the country’s travel percentages have improved lately.

According to RideApart, the Italian Association of the Automotive Industry (ANFIA), the ANIE Federation, the Italian Association of Bicycle and Motorcycle Manufacturers (ANCMA), the Department of Economics and the University of Ferrara have all – with the support of electric advocate group MOTUS-E – “captured the states of the industry today”

Energica's CEO next to one of her super bikes

Source: Forbes

Essentially, they’ve measured how much of the current economy has turned to rely on electric travel over fossil fuel, and how much those percentages have gone up. 

The report shows that manufacturers are currently running at 24% turnover improvement. We have similar numbers for supply and service providers catering to electric vehicles as well, with 25% now e-mobility-based. 

“The survey involved 122 companies, nationwide, operating both in the supply chain of traditional and electric mobility, with the aim of giving an initial evidence of the state of the industrial transition,” explains

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Source: EMN

“Among the business surveyed, 30 percent believed that the lack of a clear political direction has hampered transition efforts,” adds RideApart

“Liquidity of assets is also a concern among 29 percent of the sample and 13 percent feel that the industry lacks enough skillful employees for the quick transition.”

“At the moment, 94 percent of manufacturers are already investing in electric mobility production lines and educational programs.”

A view of a Harley Davidson LiveWire One being ridden through the countryside

Source: MCN

We’re told that the committee will bring the full product with results to present to the public in January of next year (2022), with focus on the study’s findings regarding preparing for an electrified future; that includes training programs for new jobs, as well as “support from local administrators, funding, and training.”

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