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Indian Files Trademarks for Indian Pursuit and Indian Guardian

Two New Names Could Mean Two New Bikes

Indian’s new models have been pretty impressive and the company is thriving right now. In order to keep this momentum, it will have to put out new bikes, and the company has now filed trademark applications on two new names. The Indian Pursuit and Indian Guardian. 

The names were filed for with the Australian intellectual property office, and it’s unclear what exactly Indian will be doing with these two names. As points out, Pursuit sounds like a police bike, so maybe Indian has struck some kind of deal with Australian authorities. If this is the case, it likely won’t be a whole new bike just a motorcycle reworked for police work.

The other name, Guardian, could be something similar but it could also be something new altogether. If the Pursuit is a police version of its bike, though, the Guardian may very well be, too. And Indian won’t be the only bike manufacturer doing that. Harley and Honda both create bikes for police use. Polaris, Indian’s parent company also makes police versions of its off-road vehicles, so it only makes sense for it to do the same with its bikes.