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Honda Patents What Looks Like Electric CBR

honda electric CBR patent

Is the Honda Electric Sportbike Coming?

Honda has a lot of patents out there, but one that recently caught my eye was what looked like an electric CBR patent. The application was spotted and showcased by Living With Gravity. Additionally, MoreBikes picked up the story but didn’t have much new info on the bike other than what’s visible in the image above.

Here’s what I can tell. Honda is thinking about making an electric CBR. It could be a high-performance model but the image suggests it’s more of a semi-sporty bike. When it comes to the makeup of the bike, the battery sits low in the chassis, there’s what looks like regen systems on the front and rear wheels and there’s a direct drive hub much like the Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Of course, this is just a patent and the drawing likely isn’t super accurate. The bike could be more of a sporty electric machine than I’m imagining, or it could be a bit more of a sport-touring bike. Then again, Honda may never let this design see the light of day. No matter what the company does, it’s safe to say Big Red is interested in a sport or semi-sporty electric bike for its lineup.