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Honda Files Patent to Let You Change Your Riding Position

honda patent

Go From Sport to Sport Tourer

If you could change the riding position on your motorcycle, you would have no need to own multiple bikes. I mean, you still would, but that’s beside the point. Honda has this in mind with the new patent spotted by MoreBikes. The patent shows a CBR1000RR with adjustable handlebars and screen. This means you could go from a touring position to a sport riding position very easily. 

As MoreBikes points out, Yamaha had a similar idea a few years back. Honda must have thought it was a good idea because now the company has its own patent. There’s really nothing crazy going on here. The handlebars are telescoping and this allows you to have a more upright seating position. This would be excellent for sport-touring riders who really want to get after it in the twisties, or for someone, as I mentioned above, who loves touring and sport riding but only wants to own one bike.

The windscreen will also go up and down, making it easier to sit upright for long periods of time. This is really an ingenious solution by Honda, even though they kind of stole the idea for it from Yamaha. However, the implementation is different than Yamaha’s.

Honda will likely make this an electronic adjustment, but I could see it working as a manual adjustment, too. Many cars have manually adjusting steering wheels, so why can’t we have that on motorcycles. My hat’s off to Honda. I hope this makes it to the production bike sometime soon.

  1. What’s the point of race ergos on public roads. With the exception of the race track I see no point at all. They’re certainly not comfortable, or conducive to riding long distance.

    1. Dan, I see what you’re saying, but some people will want it. I personally am not one of them, but I know a few guys who would disagree with me.

  2. One of the most common complaints with a Goldwing since the GL1800 was introduced has been leg comfort. The pegs were moved back and up, allowing the bike to lean in curves. The sacrifice was making taller riders feel cramped. I doubt anyone would welcome this more.

    The development the dual clutch trans could bring adjustable foot pegs. No, seriously. The brake lever on the right can be operated via a cable with a tensioner. The left peg is has no purpose other than to support the foot. Now both pegs (with the brake lever) could be on a slider or pivoted arm to move fore and aft. A side benefit would be no more need for highway pegs or places to mount them. Just move the pegs forward and relax. Or move the pegs rearward, and charge the twisties.

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