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Helmet Hook Will Donate a Portion of Its Sales to Australian Animal Rescue Efforts

Helmet Hook

A Hook Lending a Helping Hand

I’m sure you’re aware of the recent fires that ravaged Australia, and I’m sure you saw videos of all of the wildlife impacted by this disaster. Well, one way to do something is to support companies who want to lend a helping hand. The man behind The Helmet Hook, a simple product designed to help keep you from ever dropping your helmet, has vowed to donate $3 of every Helmet Hook purchase to animal rescue efforts. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Helmet Hook (I was until recently), it’s a simple hook that attaches to your motorcycle’s handlebars. From there, it provides a convenient place to hang your helmet from the chinstrap. It can hang from the D-ring closure or any other chinstrap fitting. It’s a simple product that solves a common problem. Also, it’s cheap at $15.95. Three dollars of that $16 will go towards animal rescue efforts in Australia. The company is running this special program until the end of March, so there’s plenty of time to get yourself a handy piece of gear for your bike and do something nice for wildlife.

If you’re not interested in the Helmet Hook, but still want to donate to animal rescue efforts in Australia, Helmet Hook has provided some links on its website where you can donate. Check out the company’s page on its product and whether or not you decide to get the hook, consider donating to an important cause.