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Helmet head-up display advances

Head-up display

How would you like your helmet to tell you how fast you’re going, where you are going and what your bike is up to while giving you eyes in the back of your head?

That’s just some of the capabilities in the new head-up display accessory from British company, Bikesystems.

In 2011, they began developing their HUD system and in January 2014, the Bikehud Classic ($597.60) became the world’s only off-the-shelf Head-Up Display unit for motorcycle helmets.

Now they are raising money with a Kickstart campaign to develop their second-generation Bikehud Adventure models that are lighter, smaller and more advanced.

The Bikehud system is a 25mm transparent screen that sits just inside the helmet visor off to the side of your left eye. Users say it doesn’t interfere with your field of vision, but is focussed in such a way that you don’t have to look away from the road to see the information projected on the screen.

The screen can also be stuck on the inside of a visor with optical glue, but that would mean you would always require the visor to be closed.Head-up display

The Bikehud Adventure has faster display for clearer vision that shows speed, GPS navigation, safety cameras, and interfaces with your smart phone to play music and show you who is calling.

Bikehud Adventure Plus adds a Bikehub handlebar-mounted keypad that shows you what your bike is doing, including gear selected, engine revs and indicators. It almost voids the need to ever look at your instruments.

The Bikehud Adventure Vision adds cameras that give you eyes in the back of your head, eliminating blind spots. The rear and forward-facing cameras mounted on the bike are powered by the Bikehub controller so you don’t have to worry about charging separate batteries.Head-up display

The displays can be tailored for the rider’s use and easily adjusted so that the main items are prioritised according to conditions such as commuter traffic or highway riding.

It can also be tailored for racing or track days with displays showing lap times, pit instructions and marshal flags.

Since the lightweight 100g unit (including battery) is fitted inside the helmet, it shouldn’t bother police in NSW and Victoria who are currently targeting riders with cameras stuck on the outside of their helmets.Head-up display

The Kickstarter funding program requires total pledges of £120,000 ($218,000) by December 19 to go ahead. Given that the Skully HUD display helmet has become the world’s fastest Kickstarter fund raiser, this shouldn’t have too much trouble getting off the ground.

While the current Bikehud Classic costs $597.60, the Skully helmet with integrated HUD costs from $US1499.

Head-up display

  1. Thanks I have a few questions what is the depth of view or focal length of the HUD unit? Does the riders eyes have to focus very close or a set distance out in front. Second does it take industry standard protocalls or propriety video input? The second question of course has to do with other camera options which are of particular interest to me. I’m interested in a thermal camera either up front on the helmet or perhaps the bike itself. As a person who commutes a great distance through rural areas of Indiana and already has had a deer strike a thermal camera is probably the only device that could have prevented it. The FLIR Boson is probably what I am looking at currently. Expensive but my ribs don’t think so.

    Thanks James F Bowman

    1. Hi James,
      You would be best to ask the company directly by clicking on their link in the story.
      However, I believe the focal point is out in front of the rider so they don’t have to refocus from the road ahead.
      As for the video, it appears to be standard and not thermal imagery, but that sounds like a great idea! I believe Mercedes and Honda have experimented with that technology to alert drivers to pedestrians, wildlife and stray livestock.

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