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Head-up display helmet coming: Update

Skully AR-1 head-up display helmet
Skully AR-1 head-up display helmet

The world’s first commercially available motorcycle helmet with head-up display may be coming to Australia.

The Californian makers of the Skully AR-1 have received more than 100 orders from Australia and will apply for the lengthy approval process.

Kully head-up display helmetIn an email today to Aussies who have expressed interest in the helmet, the company says: “Contributions from Australia and New Zealand have pushed us over the finish line, and we have an exciting announcement to make:

The SKULLY AR-1 is being submitted for AS/NZS 1698:2006 certification. The land down under has spoken and we’re going to make it happen!”

The helmet has DOT and ECE certifications and the company will now submit AR-1 for AU1698 certification for Australia.


At the moment, the helmet is quite expensive. A DOT-approved (American) Skully AR-1 helmet will cost you from $1499 (US) with delivery not until May. The ADR process is notoriously lengthy and expensive, so expect that the Australian version may not arrive in May and could cost a lot more.

But if you want to pay $25,000, you can get a limited edition prototype in February (which won'[t be ADR approved) plus a second helmet, a production AR-1, when it becomes available.