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Harley-Davidson’s Infotainment Will Now be Compatible With Android

Upgrading Harley Tech

A lot of you know that Harley has a pretty nice infotainment system in its new bikes. The company released the Boom Box GTS in 2019, and it was compatible with iPhones, connecting them to Apple CarPlay. Now Harley has announced that all of its 2021 Touring, CVO, and Trike models will get the Boom Box GTS system that’s not only compatible with Apple products but now Android, too, according to RideApart.

If you’re unfamiliar, what this means is that the infotainment system becomes an extension of your smartphone. This means the interface is similar to what you’ll see on your phone. This system allows you to manage your calls and messages as well as stream music and use voice commands if you have a headset that supports it. You can also use Google Maps for navigation, which is a pretty big plus.

This is a little different than Bluetooth connectivity if you’ve played with that. There’s more functionality with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. CarPlay is a really nice feature, and it was good of Harley to include it on the first version of its infotainment system, but now it’s even better with the addition of Android support. Not everyone uses Apple products, and now Harley has opened the door to the Android gang.