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Harley-Davidson Has New Electric Motorcycle Logos

Harley-Davidson electric bike logos

Trademark Applications Show the New Logos

Harley-Davidson will be going full-bore after electric bikes in the future, and part of that means it will need to properly market itself and its bikes. The company seems to be doing just that. It recently filed patent applications for two new logos for electric bikes. 

The first is a circular logo with a lightning bolt in the center. It looks kind of cool, but makes me think of some kind of Harley-Davidson superhero, not a motorcycle logo. The other is a shield logo, but not the typical shield logo that you see on most Harley’s and Harley merch. It’s just a shield shape with the letters H and D, one over the other. A lightning bolt goes through the D and behind the H.

Speculation by suggests that Harley will use one on its electric bicycles and the other on its actual electric motorcycles. The publication also noted that Harley trademarked the name Rude Boy a while back for use on electric bikes. 

It will be interesting to see what Harley’s next move is. I’m glad to see further investment in electrification. The LiveWire, to me, is a complete dud, but hopefully, Harley will be able to put out some cool stuff in the future.