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Halcyon 450: A New Classic Beauty From Janus Motorcycles

A close-up side view of the Halcyon 450 from Janus Motorcycles

It’s a Tuesday. 

You’ve got a handful of items in your quota for the week, and you’re about to start the day in the usual routinely fashion. 

Before tackling the list, you tread over to your computer (it’s old, but it gets the job done), sit, take a sip from your morning mug of coffee (black, straight up), and start your perusal of the morning’s news. 

Maybe you’re shaking your head at the newest concept motorcycle from Kawasaki (too extreme), at the growing hype toward electric motorcycles (too risky for the wallet); maybe you’re leaning more toward the vintage motorcycle niche, at those paragons of a bygone era, with chrome bodies that were simpler, heavier, stronger, that went for longer. 

A side view of the Halcyon 450 from Janus Motorcycles

We hear you, and so does Janus Motorcycles – a company dedicated to the recreation of classic, hand-built boutique motorcycles that are “simple, beautiful machines, a joy to own and ride.”

The most recent brainchild of the Indiana-based company – a burnished beauty christened the Halcyon 450 – is the first fuel-injected motorcycle on the Janus showroom floor and one that boasts twice the punch. 

A side view of the Halcyon 450 from Janus Motorcycles

A bloke from Jalopnik was able to try the beastie’s 445cc fuel-injected single saddle out and confirmed that the 30hp and top speed of 90 miles per hour, while accurate to bikes of the day, can still handle the interstate with juice to spare. 

“Janus offers an impressive number of customization and personalization options, so no two Janus motorcycles are exactly the same,” says Mercedes Streeter from Jalopnik. 

A close-up of the tank on the Halcyon 450, a new motorcycle from Janus Motorcycles

“As someone who is fond of café racers and bobbers hacked together in dusty garages, I like that Janus is offering an option to buy one of these custom styles brand new.”

Here’s a further list of the specs:

Brakes: Brembo front and rear calipers and master cylinders, with Spiegler braided stainless lines.

Frame And Suspension: All-new frame, Janus leading-link forks, and proprietary cantilever rear swing arm with twin under-seat IKON shocks.

Maximum Power: 30 hp @ 7,500 rpm

Seat Height: 30”

Fuel Capacity: 2 gal

Dry Weight: 345 lbs

While the bike isn’t yet available directly on their website, Janus Motorcycles is currently listing the Halcyon 450 for a neat $13,500 USD – a price that definitely raises some eyebrows but likely also includes the customization potential recommended by the company as well as some premium components to keep the quality top-notch.

A close-up side view of the Halcyon 450 from Janus Motorcycles

Let us know what you think of this beauty, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.