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Garmin zūmo XT now smarter, brighter

Garmin zūmo XT gets smarter

Garmin zūmo XT gets smarterGarmin has unveiled its new zūmo XT GPS which is brighter, smarter and packed with more features.

It would want to be, too, as it now costs  $A849 in Australia and $US499 in the USA.

If you have the Garmin Drive app it will also allow riders access to smart notifications, real-time fuel prices, live traffic reports and weather updates, and various hazard warnings.

Garmin Zūmo XT features

The new 5.5-inch HD resolution “ultrabright display” is brighter and clearer than ever and is claimed to be visible in the brightest direct sunlight.

However, if you turn the brightness up high it will reduce your battery life from about six hours to 3.5, although most riders hardwire it to the bike’s battery.

They say the rainproof unit works fine with any glove, whether it has touchscreen sensitivity or not.

You can switch from preloaded on- and off-road maps to topographic maps and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for an extra $39 at the touch of a button.Garmin zūmo XT gets smarter

It features something called Garmin Adventurous Routing which they say will “turn straightforward rides into twisting, gnarly adventures by selecting your road preferences”.

That sounds very much like what other GPS units offer.

You can also record all the details of your ride and then share it with fellow riders using the Garmin Drive app.

However, be careful what you store as it could be incriminating.

Data stored includes distance, total time, moving time, stopped time, current speed, overall average speed, moving average speed, and maximum speed!Garmin zūmo XT gets smarter


Bluetooth the zūmo XT to your helmet for spoken directions, live traffic and weather updates, as well as listening to music and making and receiving phone calls.

In the event of a crash, you can set the GPS to sent a text of your location to an emergency contact of your choice.

You can also send GPX files from your phone to the zūmo XT.

It comes with a database of notable sites, points of interest, iOverlander and millions of popular places, thanks to Foursquare.

If you are touring, it provides TripAdvisor traveller ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions along your route or near your destination.

Garmin zūmo XT gets smarter
Garmin access Tripadvisor

It will also provide alerts for hazards such as sharp curves, speed changes and speed cameras.

You won’t have to plug it into your computer to update either. So long as you have a wifi connection, you can keep your maps and software up to date on the road.

Zūmo XT even tells you when new updates are available.

  1. Looking forward to someone putting it on a comparison list with other Zumo devices. Hoping it has the ability to skip way points and be able to monitor tire pressure like some of the previous models.

  2. Shame they removed the TPMS tyre monitor app.
    Bit silly Garmin, new better product is supposed to be better than the last one , not have features removed

  3. I have a TPMS on my Bike already so I could care less about one on the XT!! All I really want is the screen to be brighter & sharper than my 595 was. If it is, my Zumo 595LM will be up for sale after I order the XT!

  4. A lot of features but the worst manual I have ever seen. What good are all the features if there are no instructions on how to use them.

  5. I had enough of not being able to read or see the maps on my Garmin Zumo 395lm when the sun was remotely behind me. The screen would be blank to the eye. Used the Zumo XT for the first time today to trip to work and back. Around 60kms on country roads.

    This thing is great. Clear and easy to read in all lights and sun directions. If you have used a Garmin Zumo of any model previously, this is easy to setup and use. No Tyre Pressure monitoring, but I don’t have these fitted. Get a cheap one from an auto store and manually do it.

    The screen is big, very bright and very clear. Connected to a Samsung phone and Sena 20S evo and music via spotify through the GPS. Unlike previous GPS, the sound quality of both voice directions and music are vastly improved. I would highly recommend this GPS if you have the coin and don’t want tyre monitoring.

  6. Jerry, I can give you a quick synopsis of the previous Zumo 595 vs the newest Zumo XT. I can tell you this:
    The XT beats the hell out of the 595 in every category! It is brighter, faster, sharper, bigger screen, less bulky, and best of all . . . cheaper! The 595 was just horrible to view in ANY kind of sunlight! I hated it!!
    I simply LOVE ❤️ my Zumo XT and highly recommend it to everyone!!

  7. it doesn’t show businesses or stored waypoints on the road map at all times like the Montana does,,,,which is a major drawback, and step in the wrong direction. plus very limited selection for waypoint icons… terrible just terrible. at least a bright display for daytime viewing

    1. I agree not displaying stored waypoints is a major drawback, almost to the point of me not buying one, however since this is the first Garmin that you can see when the sun is out made me decide to get a couple. Garmin has a history of deleting features over the years, which doesn’t make sense. Actually their programming differs alot between their models.

  8. Had my Garmin XT for 3 weeks. Got caught in a couple of rain storms and it went out. Sent it back and now waiting on a warranty replacement. Although it is suppose to be water resistant it’s certainly not water proof. I will buy or build a weather protective cover for the new one.

  9. Does anyone know if the Garmin zumo xt recalculates to an alternative route automatically without taking you to the same original route? my old tom tom had this great functionality.

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