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Electric outfit for long-distance riding

BMW electric outfit

Spanish design student Iago Valino imagines an electric future with a BMW outfit with a batteries house in the sidecar for long-distance riding.

His BMW concept drawing is not sanctioned by BMW Motorrad, but they must surely be paying some attention.BMW electric outfit

One of the biggest problems with electric motorcycles is fitting a big enough battery in such a small machine to provide suitable range.

Housing a battery in a sidecar would provide extra range for long-distance travel.BMW electric outfit

Electric outfit

Iago isn’t the first to think of an electric outfit.

Last year Russian company Ural Motorcycles built a prototype. There is no word on when — or if — the finished product will come to market.

URAL electric sidecar prototype
URAL electric sidecar prototype

Like the Ural, Iago also sees the potential for not only long-distance travel, but some off-road applications.

His original project was an on-road focused model but he has also drawn one with off-road looks, without modifying ground clearance.BMW electric outfit

“Maybe, the ‘off-road’ adjective doesn’t fit quite well, but I was thinking on traveling around the world without having to avoid bad condition or dirt roads (Morocco for example), not dunes or similar pure off-road conditions,” he says.

“Either way, this was originally a really quick project and I had no time to approach technical solutions, the main proportions and front suspension system come, slightly modified, from the BMW DC Vision, an official concept, more or less as undriveable as this one could be.”

The DC Vision is the authorised BMW Motorrad vision of what their electric future may look like with its boxer-style electric motor.

BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster electric boxer
BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster electric boxer

Not that BMW is getting close to an electric motorcycle just yet.

In 2018, managing director Stephan Schaller said electric motorcycles are “not in their immediate future”.

Yet last year the company applied for a patent for an electric motorcycle with the motor and battery making up the bulk of the frame, linked via upside down forks and a single 45-degree mono shock to the swingarm.

bmw serious about electric motorcycle
BMW patent drawing


  1. It’s like modern architecture – designed only to win the approval of other architects (a circle jerk) and the wishes of the people who have to live or work alongside or inside it never enters the picture. Give him more awards or something.

    He doesn’t care about the concept (which is ridiculous). What he really wants is a job as a “creative” with BMW. I knew someone like that once. He got a job there designing interiors with the help of his plummy mummy and daddy and internally rich jetsetter links (the mech/elec engineering side was obviously out of the question – too difficult), along with copious toadying “artwork” of fictional cars with lots of BMW badges on them. After a couple of years, he found himself “looking for a new challenge” once he’d drawn a curved dashboard that looked like all the others, and a headrest, etc. a thousand times. Getting a job at BMW is possible, but I suspect they’ll have this guy drawing handlebar grips and doing seat cover “art” before he’s looking for another challenge.

    There’s a real world, but he can’t see it.