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Early Xmas present for Dyna Low Rider S winner

Garry "Gaz" Luxmoore hands over the keys to a Low Rider S to surprised winner Brett Humphries
Garry "Gaz" Luxmoore hands over the keys to a Low Rider S to surprised winner Brett Humphries

“It’s a stitch-up!” was Brett Humphries’ first reaction when he was called to say he was the winner of a Dyna Low Rider S.

The Sunshine Coast resident was working at a remote West Australian mine when he was contacted by Harley-Davidson Australia and New Zealand HOG and events project manager Kim Williams from the Harley Days festival in Wollongong after drawing his name as the competition winner.

“I was having Sunday lunch day with one of the boys when a phone call came through and I looked at the number and didn’t recognise it,” he says.

“I was in the middle of a conversation and I didn’t want to be rude so I almost swiped it. Then I thought, ‘nuh’, so I looked at my mate and asked him if he minded if I get that and he said ‘by all means go for it’.

“So I answered the phone and was informed it was Harley Days and I was the brand new owner of a Harley-Davidson Low Rider S.

“First I thought ‘this is a stitch-up’. The boys I work with know I love Harleys and so I thought they’d stitched me up.

“I had to ring Kim about half an hour later just to confirm it.

“I’m still walking around pinching myself and now here it is in front of me and I’m still pinching myself.”

Early Xmas present

Brett picked up his prize today (December 22, 2017) at Sunshine Coast Harley-Davidson, Maroochydore, from HD customer experience manager Garry “Gaz” Luxmoore (pictured above handing over the keys to Brett today).

Garry "Gaz" Luxmoore hands over the keys to a Low Rider S to surprised winner Brett Humphries
Sunshine Coast Harley-Davidson staff applaud Brett’s win

The Low Rider S is powered by a 110 Screamin’ Eagle engine and is worth $25,995 ride away.

Gaz says Brett has been going through some tough financial times and is a deserving winner.

“I couldn’t believe the story and especially the fact he rang back because he couldn’t believe it,” Gaz says.

How to be a winner

To win, Harley fans had to buy a $25 Harley Days pin at the festival in Wollongong, or from a dealership or online.

“It came up in Facebook from Wollongong Harley-Davidson and the first first time I saw it I didn’t really worry about it but the second time I saw it I decided I’d enter; after all, it’s a Harley,” says Brett.

“So I bought five pins. You’ve got to be in it to win it, eh?

“I’m not religious about gambling. I occasionally go in the Lotto, but I thought, let’s have a crack.”

Brett has already personalised his Low Rider S, spending about $4500 on forward controls, new grips, exhaust, and smoked lights and indicator lenses.

“I’m gonna keep it and I’m gonna ride it as often and as regularly as I can,” he says.

Low Rider S winner Brett Humphries

Brett only got his open motorcycle licence a month before picking up the new Dyna and has never owned a bike before.

“It’s always been a dream to own a bike,” he says. “But I never thought my first bike would be a Harley-Davidson. That was my end goal.

“I like the Dynas and the Softails. I just like the look of them and by all reports they travel really nice.”