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Design your own Dainese motorcycle suit

Ducati Dainese motorcycle suit

Ducati has introduced a website where you can design your own handmade Dainese leather motorcycle suit so you won’t look like everyone else on the track or at your local cafe.

It’s called Ducati SuMisura which is Italian for “custom made”, but you don’t need to speak Italian to order your suit as the site operates in seven different languages.

The dainese motorcycle suit choices are the D-air Racing Ducati Corse suit with fitted airbag, Ducati Corse C2, Ducati Corse Lady and Ducati Corse C2 two-piece suit.


Sizes available are 48-60 for men and 42-48 for women or tailored sizes, although the tailored option is not provided for customers in Australia, US, Mexico and Canada.

You can have them with normal leather or perforated leather and the available colours are red, white and black only.

There is also the option to put up to 10 letters on the suit and a non-copyright graphic. However, the website wouldn’t let me select either letters or a graphic. Maybe it only works in select countries.Ducati Dainese motorcycle suit

Once you are happy with the size and design, you can email a copy of the sketch to yourself and send your order to a dealer who will contact you with the price. If you are in a country where you can have a tailored suit made for your proportions, the dealer will contact you for a fitting.

Ducati says a tailored suit is “safer and more comfortable, fits your body perfectly, follows your movements and provides you with greater agility while riding your bike”.

The website says Dainese uses the finest leather with even thickness, strong stitching, accurate laser cutting and a breathable Nanofeel liner.