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Chain Lube Reviews

Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews and Information

Chain Lube Reviews
Review Summary

Welcome to the wBW Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews index! This page includes a listing of our motorcycle chain lube reviews and related information. Reviews are listed from most recent to oldest.

What is the best motorcycle chain lubricant? It is a question we get all the time here at webBikeworld. The reality is that there is no simple answer. The correct answer would depend on the type of riding you do and how often you will perform the maintenance on your chain. Regardless of the brand you use, the correct application of the lube on a warm chain will yield the best results.

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Best Motorcycle Chain Lubricant & Oil Products

We haven’t reviewed enough items to list an exhaustive list of motorcycle oil and chemicals we have got a few recommendations we’d like share around chain lubricants and chain oilers.

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubricant
Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner

Best Motorcycle Chain Oiler
Best Motorcycle Oil

Recent Reviews

While innovation is a little slower in this space, we do review items every now and again so check out our most recent reviews.

Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews

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Motorcycle Oil

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Motorcycle Chain Lube Comparison Reviews

Tirox Synthetic Chain Wax Review After 10 years, is this the long-awaited replacement for DuPont Multi-Use Dry, Wax Chain Lube? It looks the same, smells the same and works…even better!

More Motorcycle Chain Lubes Reviewed includes Blaster Lubricant; Elmer’s Slide All; Liquid Wrench Chain Lube Spray; Liquid Wrench Chain Lube Liquid; MPT Twelve; Spectro SX Chain Wax; Spectro Z-Clean Chain Lube and a few Soy Based Lubricants.

Chain Lube Comparison of Go Chain Wax; Kal-Gard Clear Chain Kote; Kal-Gard Moly Chain Kote; Kleen Chain Synthetic Chain Lube; Original Bike Spirits Chain Lube and Royal Purple Max-Chain compared to DuPont Teflon Chain Lube.

Chain Lube Comparison compares Klotz KLR (2008 favorite) to 7 other chain lubes. Also included are non-Motorcycle Chain Lubricants: TS-801 Dry Film Moly; TS-804 Chain Lube Moly; Motorex Grease; Maxima Grease and Torque Tight Torque Grease. 

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