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Call for Rider Views on Safety

Victorian Motorcycle Safety Forum

On the beach in Melbourne
On the beach in Melbourne

Victorian riders are invited to attend a motorcycle safety forum next month to pass on to the State Government.

The forum on 19 May 2022 during National Road Safety Week has been organised by the Victorian Chapter of the Australasian College of Road Safety.

They have invited motorcycle riding group representatives and riders to attend. 

College spokesman Dr Tana Tan says the collated input will be submitted to the Victorian Government “for their consideration as they develop the motorcycle safety strategy”.

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Dr Tana Tan

Topics for discussion include:

  • Safe vehicles (motorcycles, cars and trucks);
  • Speed limits;
  • Protective gear standards, legislation, promotion;
  • Training, skills, enforcement, licensing;
  • Infrastructure design, operation and maintenance; and 
  • Other topics that affect motorcycle safety.

Numbers at the forum at the City of Melbourne Bowls Club in Dudley St, West Melbourne, are limited, so register now by clicking here.

College members attend free, but others will have to pay a $15 fee.

  1. This is a copy of e-mail sent to Ben Carroll 09AUG21( Minister for Roads & Road Safety) if you are interested in the response, please contact me and I will send copy of reply. Also, please tell me if my comments are factual or if I have made errors in my statement. TIA

    “Good Day Mr Carroll:

    As a resident of Berwick, Victoria, I am writing this e-mail to you for the second time, in the hope of getting some answers to a query, or at least point me in the right direction.

    I have come across a big confusion with motorbike license/testing amongst licensing venues on a particular ‘motorbike’ (Can-Am Ryker).
    I have been ringing and e-mailing around for at least the past 4 months, seeking ACTUAL rules/regulations and Reasons as to why a Trike, which is a 3 wheel motor vehicle, has to be registered as an Automobile/Car (and pay higher registration than that of a motorbike); BUT yet, to be able to ‘ride/drive’ one of these vehicles, the operator has to have a motorbike license. Furthermore, to get your motorbike learners license, a learner can only ride a motorbike which has been deem an “Approved motorcycle”. Oddly enough the Can-Am Ryker, which for registration purposes is seen as an Automobile/Car, is listed in the “Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme” (LAMS). But the confusion does not end there… To be tested to get a Motorbike rider license, the rider MUST operate a LAMS bike ONLY… in this case, the Ryker is not considered to be a motorbike because to manoeuvre these vehicles it is a whole different way than to manoeuvre a two wheeled motorbike and licensing schools will not teach nor test anyone on a trike; so the Learner rider has to do the test on a two wheeled motorbike. Mind you, a learner has to have about 3 months experience before attending to get a probationary “P” license. So, for those who want to buy and ride the LAMS Approved Ryker, one has to not only learn how to ride and get experience on the TRIKE safely, but ALSO has to BUY a two wheel motorbike and also learn how to ride and get experience on it. The difficulty is that learning to ride both types of bike would NOT be recommended as they are totally different machines and are very different to operate to one another. Been forced to learn to ride a two wheel motorbike, teaches the rider opposite and bad habits for the experience necessary to ride the Ryker. My best suggestion would be to have a specific type testing and licensing where a learner can do the test on the trike and be restricted to only operate a trike. Also, in all fairness, the Ryker should also be considered a “Motorbike” as far as the registration is concerned.

    As you can see, it is confusing as to how someone can come up with such regulations. So far, I have not found anyone that can explain as to why it is so messed up and how to go about getting this sorted and be FAIR for those who for personal and even medical reasons cannot ride a two wheel motorbike. This does not just impact me, but I have come across other people in the same situation here in Victoria and other States in Australia. This is not the only time this subject has been put forward to those who make the rules, but it is a subject that just seems to be ignored and nothing has been done about it as yet.

    Kind Regards”

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