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Benelli: Approval Documents Leak New TRK702 Adventure Bike

A side view of the new TRK702 and TRK702X from Benelli, which have surfaced from type-approved documents in China (in white)

Heads up – Benelli’s got a new bun in the oven, and we’ve just had word that it’s a larger adventure bike that’s been type-approved in China.

The leak – according to a recent report from CycleWorld – comes with a bit of confusion. 

A side view of the new TRK702 and TRK702X from Benelli, which have surfaced from type-approved documents in China (in red)

Benelli has indeed been working on an adventure bike to work in the higher displacement levels, though we had originally thought it would be a higher displacement. 

It turns out we were right – on both counts.

Yes, they’ve been working on a beastie set to take on the likes of the BMW F 800 GS and Yamaha Ténéré 700 – but the displacement for the TRK702 and TRK702X are too low to fit the bill.

2021 Yamaha Ténéré 700

(2021 Yamaha Ténéré 700, see above)

Currently, the only motorcycle they sport in the adventure sector is the existing TRK502 model – a budget-friendly beastie powered by a 500cc parallel-twin (we can compare it to the Honda CB500X when it comes to competition) that’s recently become a huge hit in Italy. 

A side view of the 2021 Honda CB500X

(2021 Honda CB500X, see above)

Since the company’s currently killing the markets with their TRK502, it’s only fair that they go bigger – the question is, which will come first?

So, with that said, here’s the low-down on bikes currently in the works:

  1. A Benelli-developed adventure bike with a 754cc parallel-twin engine from the Leoncino 800 retro and 752S roadster (the competition for this machine would be the BMW F 800 GS and Yamaha Ténéré 700). 
  2. The new Benelli-developed TRK702 and TRK702X, which both purportedly will sport a 693cc parallel-twin, designating both machines as “700″ class motorcycles with two cylinder engines (by the looks of it, a clone of the CFMoto twin engine used in the CFMoto 700CL-X). 
  3. “Benelli’s parent company, Qianjiang, recently filed patents for another middleweight, twin-cylinder adventure bike—but a V-twin rather than a parallel twin.” Apparently, this third beastie will not only have blood ties to Benelli’s adventure series, but will also sport an engine something more along the likes of the Suzuki SV650 or Hyosung GT650.

A side view of the 2021 Suzuki SV650

(2021 Suzuki SV650, see above)

All told, we think that Benelli has a lot of ideas swimming about – some of which will likely be pushed back (or out) in lieu of others.

We will keep an eye on the news for you; in the meantime, make sure to check out other adventure bikes currently available on the market in anticipation of more updates here.