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Qianjiang Group Launches the QJ SRG600 in China

qianjiang QJ SRG600

This Will Become the Benelli 600RR

Qianjiang Group owns Benelli, and that means the QJ SRG600 that just went on sale in China, will be rebadged as the Benelli 600RR and sold in various markets, according to BikeWale.

The bike features the same platform as the TNT600. It has a 600cc inline four-cylinder engine that makes 80 hp. It should be a good middleweight sportbike. The QJ SRG600 features a quick shifter, trellis frame, brakes, and sports suspension. All of these things should make it over to the Benelli version of the motorcycle.

The QJ SRG600 also has dual disc brakes up from a rear disc brake, inverted forks, and an offset rear mono-shock. By looking at the spec sheet, it becomes clear this should be a sharp-handling motorcycle. 

I’d assume Qianjiang will make some minor cosmetic changes to the bike, but I doubt much of anything will be changed about the motorcycle and how it operates. That simply wouldn’t make good business sense, and Qianjiang knows what it’s doing rebadging this new motorcycle with the Benelli name.

The upcoming Benelli version of the bike should hit Asian markets and European markets sometime next year. Pricing and all the nitty-gritty specs are not yet known.